Instagram launches Reels in Brazil

Instagram Reels

Facebook’s photo-sharing app has launched Instagram Reels in Brazil, with a concept that’s very similar to ByteDance’s TikTok.

After introducing multiple features inline with what distinguishes Snapchat as a platform, Instagram is now going after TikTok with Instagram Reels. This will allow users to create short videos, where they will be able to adjust the duration, speed and background music. Users will be able to put these videos on stories or DM them to friends. The features are similar to Instagram Music that was launched in India a few weeks ago.

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Users will be able to create 15-seconds long videos with this feature, which comes with the potential to go viral on Explore. In Brazil, it’s called Cenas and is currently being launched for both iOS and Andriod users. It is a part of Instagram Stories, instead of a separate application, increasing its scope.

Facebook is continuously working to better its features for Instagram Stories. Instagram Music is a big part of the mix with the media giant introducing songs in various Indian Languages to woo creators here. In fact, the words that appear on the screen as the music is playing in the background do so in Indian scripts like Devnagri and Gurmukhi.