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Talkwalker Masterclass

In association with Social Samosa, Talkwalker is to conduct a Masterclass on Influencer Marketing with Ignacio Aguirre on November 12.

A few weeks ago, Talkwalker & Social Samosa released a report on Influencer Marketing. It said 72% of the 800 industry persons surveyed would increase investment in influencer marketing next year. The report reflected the growing importance of influencers, the expected market opportunities, growth aspects, strategic insights and challenges ahead.

Can a 'sponsored' tag reduce the association with the post? 51% of the surveyed said it may. Even though 75% thought of it as a top strategic priority, 63% agreed to be working with less than 50 influencers. Only 38% of the respondents use a specific tool to manage such campaigns and 17% are of the opinion that it helps them get direct leads and product purchases. Only 1% said influencer marketing can help battle a social media crisis.

These stats reflect that there is a lot left to explore on the topic — giving rise to the idea of the Masterclass with Ignacio Aguirre. It would be an opportunity for discussions and doubt solving sessions around the phenomenon.

Location: Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

Date & Time: November 12 at 3 pm.

The Masterclass would cover the essentials of Influencer Marketing - how brands have adapted to the phenomenon, lessons from success stories, and ways for brands looking to kickstart the journey.

With over 12 years of marketing experience, Aguirre has worked with different technology and entertainment companies as well as startups. His expertise includes SEM, SEO, Digital Strategy, E-commerce, Retail & Online, Demand Generation, Brand Management, Creative Solutions, and Emerging Markets.

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