Why Sabhyata’s ‘Celebrating a Change’ approach clicks

Sabhyata Diwali campaign

Sabhyata Diwali campaign titled, Celebrate A Change took a step towards redefining relationships this Diwali and aimed to revel into the spirit of an Indian household in its true essence.

Launched on the occasion of Diwali, ethnic wear brand Sabhyata weaved a story of redefining the relationship between a daughter-in-law and her mother- in-law. Featuring Jatin Sarna aka Bunty, Sheeba Chaddha and Anupriya Goenka, the campaign focussed on demystifying the stereotyped relationships and brings to life Sabhyata’s philosophy of celebrating womanhood.

About ‘Celebrate a Change’

Finding himself in a difficult situation for having to keep up as an ideal son and an ideal husband,  the man of the house is found going back and forth to reach an unconventional answer. Having absolutely zero knowledge of the technical know-how near the stove, he moves in to rescue the festivity of the day. 

Insight behind ‘Celebrate A Change’

Sabhyata claims to have always focussed on changing perceptions which are also reflected in its clothing range. For instance, it has rediscovered the traditional salwar-kameez as an outfit that makes a woman both stylish and confident.

Through the idea of this project, the brand chose to deliver a new sense of celebration to its customers and the audience, for which it has combined fashion and culture, throughout the years. The idea behind celebration of change does not stop with the role reversal in a family structure; it goes forward to display the spirit behind sharing responsibilities that are usually taken for granted.

The brand film was broadcasted on social media and other digital platforms. This year also marks the 100th store launch for the brand in India.

Campaign Objective

The objective of the campaign is to bring about a sense of individuality and confidence in the everyday roles in a woman’s life.  Sabhyata drives towards the force of uplifting women from the stereotypical manifestations of rigid beliefs, while also retaining ethnicity.

For the third consecutive year in a row, Sabhyata banks on the proposition of redefining societal norms. #RedefineThePerception in 2017 and #RedefiningTheCelebration in 2018 targeted problems such as inhibitions between a mother and a daughter and differentiating between a girl and boy child.

The Creative Thoughtprocess

In order to connect with the women in real life on a personal level, the agency was to be involved with research that took real life experiences in order to make a stronger impact and bond that resonates with the audience.  The brand was delivered a couple of stories combined and one of them was selected that eventually resulted in the production of the ad

The digital platform is easily one of the most available and quick places to have an influence on, the brand believes that connecting with a younger audience would provide greater exposure for the success of the concept. 

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The conceptualization of the campaign ad was a process of going through several draft scripts and the rigorous combined effort of the production team which involved  Marketing team of Sabhyata and from P se Picture; the director, the line producer and the art director came together to result in the successful  campaign ad film that has now gathered quite an audience.

Experts Take:

Almost all the reviews on the campaign are positive one of the winning factors being Sacred Games’ Bunty who breaks his violent character to play a genuine, family-oriented man.

Neeraj Sancheti, CEO and Co-founder, Kreativ Street

The campaign is well crafted with a casting that catches attention, moments that are relatable and an ending that is surprising. It beautifully captures the slice of life moment from an everyday Indian middle-class household where a son is often caught between the tussle of his mother and wife. However, the plot takes a brilliant turn when it showcases an ally between the mother and the wife to pull the son’s leg. With its simple yet powerful narrative, the film also communicates the higher-order message of ‘Celebrating a change’ which resonates both with the brand’s offering as well as society at large.

Sidharth Singh, Co-founder, CupShup

Extraordinary from ordinary. That’s how I will sum up the campaign. Soap operas are what women of the country watched, willingly or they don’t have an option is another matter. The ad caught the Attention of its TG, i.e., women, immediately as it started with what can be perceived as the usual tiff between Saas-Bahu in a usual household. Midway, the ad made itself It covers the AID part of the AIDA model in an interesting way, and it is highly likely that it might culminate in the Action part. The fact that Jatin Sarna who played the character of a brutal man having an inimical attitude towards women in Sacred Games helped further in unraveling the plot scene by scene.

Mine only complain, if any, is why to release it on a Diwali? This ad is as relevant on any non-festive occasion and Diwali looked a little forced.

Piyush Kedia, CEO and founder of Blue Vector 

A unique take on a Diwali ad with an ample mix of cinematic tricks, Sabhyata takes the viewer on an emotional ride.

Dramatic irony, sound design and strong character personas that tentpole socio-cultural relationships make for a moment where the audience is initially, outside looking in, then, very much part of the prank.