Duct Tape Banana brand posts ‘stick’ to the trend

Duct Tape Banana brand posts

Duct Tape Banana brand posts tape creativity and go bananas around the viral and absurd artwork.

Duct Tape Banana grabbed a lot of attention for its absurd cost and irrational creativity. Soon we saw a flood of memes on the topic, along with celebrities taking on the trend, and reports surfaced about the banana that fashioned the #RahulBoseMoment has been found, followed by brand posts.

Duct Tape Banana is simply an artwork that is a taped banana, displayed at Miami art exhibition Art Basel and priced between $120,000 and $150,000. The buyers who purchased the limited edition pieces received a single banana, a certificate of authenticity and instructions to replace the fruit.

Global brands were the early risers and moved swiftly to tap the trend. However, there is a lack of creativity, with most brands just ‘taping’ the products, like the taped banana.

However, Indian brands tapped it in a distinct way, Cinepolis taped the fruit with a quip, Tata Sky highlights consumer habits, Nissan India boasts about their product, Durex India fixes the tape, Set Wet underlines their budget-friendly pricing, and so does Fevi Kwik.

More brands go bananas on the trend.

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Cinépolis India

Tata Sky

Nissan India

Durex India

Set Wet India

Pathkind Labs


Bajaj Allianz General

Fevikwik India

Livpure Smart

‘and nothing else’ foods



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