[Download ] Social Media Calendar 2020 by Social Samosa

Social Media Calendar 2020

Social Samosa Network brings you the Social Media Calendar 2020 to help you step into the New Year and decade with confidence and vigour.

From eccentric occasions and trends to new platforms — 2019 was a busy year for brands and agencies. You can’t predict everything. For all you know, two random arrows can cause a flurry on Instagram, making your client call you up for an urgent creative. However, as the industry enters a new decade, it will surely help to have a Social Media Calendar 2020 to fall back on for staples that must be on your to-do.

Digital is increasingly becoming a key part of brand communications. Unlike traditional where brands could choose to advertise on just a few occasions, being a part of every occasional conversation is important.

For this, brand managers, marketers and social media professionals must stay ahead of the curve. So, as you put on your thinking caps for next year’s plan, here’s all the help you need in terms of planning ahead of schedule. From birthdays, designated days, to festivals – the list aims at including all events that would help you connect & engage with your TG.

Taking the lessons and learnings of the year that went by, here’s a calendar that will help you spot the best occasions to invest your resources in. It lists the ones that worked wonders for brands in the years before, plus predictions that Social Samosa feels you should aim to participate in.

Download the calendar below:

Social Media Content Calendar 2020