#Infographic: Hashtag Marketing Guide

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Jan 03, 2020 04:56 IST
Hashtag marketing

This Hashtag marketing Guide will help you unleash the potential of this symbol in social media.

Hashtags have transformed from being a button on the keypad to being used to find topics on social media categorically and much more. The Hashtag Marketing Guide will walk you through.

Hashtags have become the face of trending, a way to find relevant content, and a method to make a topic clickable.

But the first question that might pop in your head is "How many social media users even use hashtags?". The answer would be 75%. Yes, three-quarters of social media users use hashtags to explore new and relevant content.

Although, hashtags are more than just an umbrella for several related pieces of content. Brands can also use a hashtag to revolve their campaign around it or crowdsource user-generated content.

#ShotOniPhone, which has become an online movement in itself, and also a mark of quality was a contest held by Apple. Winning photos were turned into billboards. The whole campaign revolved around a single hashtag - #ShotOniPhone.

More brands have used it to assemble content or produce campaigns and do much more. The following infographic by Visual Contenting guides you to use hashtags for marketing effectively.

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Hashtag marketing
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