[Download] Social Media Creative Sizes Guidebook

Social Media Creative Sizes

Social Samosa presents Social Media Creative Sizes Guidebook for 2020, listing latest acceptable dimensions on all major social media platforms.

With content being replicated across social media platforms, optimising is key and image sizes are an important factor in the mix. Though you can put the same creative on multiple platforms, it is important to ensure they are visible and consumable in their entirety on each. Here’s the 2020 edition of the Social Media Creative Sizes Guidebook to help you sort the basics.

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While almost all platforms accept the same dimension of vertical videos, the upload size differs for different platforms. This is bound to affect the resolution of the video if you don’t optimise from the beginning. Hence, the Guidebook also mentions the acceptable upload sizes, in some cases separately for Android and iOS users.

The importance of dimensions can be gauged from the fact that Instagram now displays lines to a user when they are adding elements over a picture that is to be uploaded as a story. These lines signify the distance they should maintain from the edges to ensure that all users get to see it whole.

The Guidebook includes dimensions and sizes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest creatives.

It includes dimensions and sizes for both images and videos that can be uploaded on the above platforms.

[Download] Social Media Creative Sizes 2020