Avengers: Endgame - Takeaways from Marvel India for culturally relevant marketing

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Marvel Studios has redefined Superhero Fiction in a rather desi way, and are rewriting their brand image in India with links to the culture.

Marvel India has adapted the Indian culture and integrated several gizmos in their marketing, that represent and resonate with the Indian audience - including festivals, Cricket, and Hindi proverbs.

India has predominantly been a Hindi-watching audience and several other regional languages draw the smaller pockets of audiences - a fact well reflected among movie channels that air the dubbed versions of various famous Hollywood films.

Leveraging this consumer dynamic and demand further, Marvel Studios has been reinventing its stint of Hollywood movies, by adding a layer of Indian cultural element to in on social media - making it more relatable and accessible. Most evident one being their work with the Avengers' series.

Avengers Endgame even shattered the records of Bahubali 2 in India. It’s the film to fastest enter the 100-core club and crossed the 150-core mark within three days of its release.

The film and its cult status as a movie series has been well reflected in their social media strategy - where Indian culture plays a prominent role.

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#MarvelKeMuhavre is the Marvel version of famous Indian proverbs. For instance, the phrase 'Na Ghar Ka, Na Ghat Ka' turns to 'Na Earth Ka, Na Asgard Ka'. More of such phrases turn to this cinematic page.

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...but definitely Sakaar ka #MarvelKeMuhavare

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Father's Day Post

Like any other brand, Marvel too has been active with occasional and topical marketing and celebrates Father's Day with Hindi songs dedicated to the Fathers Of the Marvel Universe.


The brand held a contest inviting all Indian artists and initiated user-generated content, by populating the hashtag - #MarvelIndiaArtistsAssembleContest and posting the winning creatives.

Tony Electric Works

It's cool if it's not real, its cooler if it is. Hulk Cement wala nukkad Thor Power Plant ke aage aata hai.


Kaat Daale, Faad Daale.

Ye Haath Nahi, Hathoda Hai

#FestivePost: Holi

Thanos sends purple hearts because he knows we're at war.

Personalized Messages

When cast members were not able to make it to the Fan Event, Marvel posted personalized messages by the actors such as Josh Brolin (Thanos), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and more on the studios' social media pages. The actors apologized for not being able to mark their presence, promoted EndGame and Chris also suggested Rogan Gosh for Joe Russo, Director of EndGame who attended the event.

And Robert Downey Jr. had an interaction with fans at simultaneous events across India through video chat.


The production house did a musical collaboration with A.R. Rahman and released Marvel Anthem.

Children's Day Post

The commemorative day was tapped with games most Indian children grew up playing, represented with action figures.

#FestivePost: Diwali

One of the most significant & popular festivals in the country was used as a theme to express positivity, well wishes and the holidays with lit Marvel characters.

#FestivePost: Dussehra

This festival was tapped with a still that represents and subtly promotes a movie - Thor Ragnarok. The scene was also altered with the addition of an archetype of Indian structures.

#FestivePost: Onam

The brand turned on the Hulk mode, on Onam with an entertaining creative of the hangry Hulk.

#FestivePost: Holi

The Avengers logo painted in the colours of Holi.

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Aaj khelenge Holi! #WhateverItTakes! #HappyHoli

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Cheers for the Indian Cricket Team


Mumbai me auto milna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai

T'Challa might have to take a chill pill.

Aila Captain!

Naake Pe Pateli Nai

Marvel Studios' movie marketing strategy for Avengers Endgame reiterates the importance of a regional and culturally relevant approach when attempting to market a product in India.

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