Instagram now suggests accounts you can unfollow

Paawan Sunam
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Instagram is launching categories in your following list to easily view and edit it, according to your current preferences.

The platform says that over time, relationships and interests can evolve, grow and change. The change on Instagram in the following list is organized by categories - 'Least Interacted With', and 'Most Seen in Feed'.

As users cross phases in life such as graduation, moving to a new city, or becoming obsessed with new interests and find a community, the new feature would simplify managing accounts you follow on Instagram that best represents your current connections and interests.

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How to access the new feature

  • Go to your Instagram Profile and click on 'Following'
  • Tap any of the two categories 'Least Interacted With', and 'Most Seen in Feed'
  • You also have the option to sort by date 'Earliest→Latest', or vice versa
  • Manage the accounts by changing the Follow status or clicking the 3 dots to change notification settings or Mute the account

The new feature appears to be designed to keep the users for a longer time on the app and increase their in-app activity by showing content that resonates more with the users' current preferences.

Instagram's growth has been declining in recent times, the feature may aid in retaining users if not attracting them.

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