ShareChat launches cricket-special brand integration for IPL

ShareChat released a cricket-special brand integration that offers brands to connect with cricket fans across the country during IPL.

ShareChat’s move originates from a pilot done at the same time last year during IPL 2019. The platform had received more than 300 million impressions over 45 days. These propositions offer brands the undivided attention of the users and offerings that give users a connected experience in their native languages.

The integrations include:

Cricket Bucket: This bucket customized during the IPL 2020 will take the user directly to the trending tags of Cricket. A click on this bucket opens the door to the cricket world on ShareChat.

Live Score Board: The live score-board will be available with brand integration and engagement through the co-Integrated tag and brand logo, header banner, and footer banner. The brand will thus be present on the pulse of the game where the users will be hooked on during the match.

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Prediction Polls: Brands can integrate with the polls feature, where users will be asked to predict:
● The outcome of a toss
● Result of a match
● Multiple layers of predictions at different stages of a match

UGC Updates: Users will be encouraged to participate in conversations with their UGC (user-generated content) on a regular basis around certain matches, teams, individuals, landmarks, etc. This offers an engaging and unparalleled opportunity to the brands to connect with audiences and own conversations before, during and after the game.

Announcing the launch of cricket-special brand integrations, Sunil Kamath, Chief Business Officer, ShareChat said, “Cricket connects to every individual of the country and unites India as a nation irrespective of language, religion, geography, etc ShareChat replicates a similar connotation and tested the efficacy of the cricket-special content bucket during IPL 2019”
“We have noted that over 40 million users are unique to ShareChat and not present in any other cricket platform. As we have launched our cricket-bucket for brand integrations, we expect to optimize brands reach through various exciting campaigns,” added Kamath.