Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. brands welcoming US President, #ShortestDistance format and more

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Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. brands welcoming US President, #ShortestDistance format and more

Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week featured Idea's Brand Saga, #LifeInPie and brands welcoming US President.

Whisper Campaigns that tackled period taboos over the years

As International Women’s Day closes in, Social Samosa presents a pack of Whisper Campaigns that attempted to stir a lifestyle of liberal hygiene. Read more here.

#LifeInPie brand posts share a slice of topicality

#LifeInPie brand posts present statistical graphics to illustrate life with and without their brands. Read more here.

Brands make ends meet with #ShortestDistance

For the newest trending format, brands covered the #ShortestDistance to promote products, acting as a mediator to real-life problems. Read more here.

Phoenix Marketcity Pune plays cupid this Valentine’s Day

Pune’s Phoenix Marketcity launched an initiative for the youth, embodying the spirit of spontaneity and passion through its Valentine’s day campaign. Read more here.

Namaste Trump: Brands welcome the US President

Commemorating the US President’s visit to India, brands took it upon themselves to say Namaste Trump with social media creatives. Read more here.

Exam campaigns 2020: Brands deep dive into student psyche

Exam campaigns have made their annual comeback with narratives ranging from parent-child relationships to chocolates helping relieve stress. Read more here.

In-Depth: Tata Trusts turning ‘Kachrawala’ to ‘Safaiwala’

Tata Trusts Campaign #TwoBinsLifeWins dives into the plight of the most indignified beings of our society – sanitation workers, and Social Samosa presents insights to this eye-opener. Read more here.

Decoding: The Subway India Social Media Strategy

Social Samosa takes a look at the use of colors, offers, and trending posts that make the strong pillar of the Subway India Social Media Strategy. Read more here.

Brand Saga: Idea Cellular Part 2 – Brand Idea gets bigger

The concluding part of the Idea advertising journey celebrates the telco’s various marketing feats as it embraced newer technology and ventured into digital marketing all the while keeping cause-oriented communication alive. Read more here.

Thappad Movie Marketing: A campaign-oriented strategy

Thappad brings forth a gripping tale in an era where domestic violence on screen is trivialized. How’s the movie marketing done on a sensitive yet powerful topic? Here we go. Read more here.

Harley Davidson takes content route with #FreedomStoriesIndia

#FreedomStoriesIndia, digital series by Harley Davidson deciphers riding for bikers and celebrates their devotion to ‘freedom machines.’ Read more here.

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