Twitter introduces Stories

Twitter Stories

Followed by the acquisition of story template maker Chroma Labs, Twitter has now introduced Stories on the platform.

Co-founded by Boomerang inventor John Barnett, Chroma Labs has pioneered expressive and visual templates and after being acquired by Twitter in February; Twitter has now rolled out Stories on the platform.

Users can also submit their Stories by mentioning @twitterstories or the hashtag #TwitterStories. Each month the platform will also curate a selection.

Twitter is the sixth platform to duplicate Stories from Snapchat, after Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

You read the last one right, LinkedIn is presently testing Stories too. Pete Davies, Senior Director of Product, LinkedIn mentioned the format is a lighter way for users to express themselves such as conversations during the break.

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Twitter Stories has outraged users and #RIPTwitter has been trending with close to 200K tweets as of yet. Users are angered by the cloning process and several mentioned that all they wanted was an edit button.

Well, as Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter in a Q&A with Wired mentioned, users will never see the edit button. Dorsey’s argument seems justifiable as he said if a user edits and changes a tweet and it has already been liked or retweeted, it may contradict with the context of the tweet originally liked or retweeted.

Some of the flak Twitter is getting maybe uncalled for, but Stories was not a format needed on the platform and it distorts the individuality of the app, the reason people use it.

Screenshot Credits: @badainx