Snapchat Marketing Guide during a crisis

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Snapchat Marketing Guide

This Snapchat Marketing Guide for COVID-19 will give you insights into forming creative communication to engage & connect during the pandemic.

Snapchat shared an understanding of the reformed user behavior observed with the help of which Social Samosa presents you a Marketing Guide that will help you adapt, improvise, and overcome.

During the initial phase of the pandemic, brands and advertisers were in turmoil while adapting to the changing course of consumer behavior, hypersensitive environment, altering buying habits and more internal factors.

Brands that wanted to help but were unsure how to kept their communication minimal, while few unethically capitalized on the crisis or put out insensitive content, few also managed to pull off with flying colors.

Steadily the state of advertising turned better than before, the industry came off age in the face of a pandemic, publishers' standpoints, and guides & tips several social media platforms helped.

And now Snapchat has come up with a guide specific to the user behavior analyzed and observed on Snapchat. While the guide is specific to the platform, its uses can be applied to overall brand communications.


The current mindset of users is directly proportional to the mindset a brand should have while communicating during this time.

Similar to the thoughts of several Industry Experts and tips provided earlier, Snapchat too says, "Rather than using a global crisis as an opportunity to promote your brand, these ideas can help you craft thoughtful messages and create valuable experiences for Snapchatters".

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Connect The Community

Social distancing holds par significance to limit the outbreak of the virus and contain the pandemic. Isolation has become an integral part of the users' lifestyle.

But users are finding more and more ways to stay virtually connected while staying socially distant. And as a brand, you can use your resources to pave paths for them to stay connected to their family and friends.

The platform says a brand can add value by demonstrating ways they can bring family and friends (old and new) together.

Online gaming is also experiencing surge as several turn to their mobile while at home, gamifying your brand messaging can help entertain and engage users. Conveying positive messages also gives users a reason to smile.

Keep them Informed & Occupied

The universally acknowledged establishment World Health Organisation (WHO) is tapping every medium possible to spread awareness - caller tunes, OOH billboards, TVC ft. Amitabh Bachchan, social media campaigns, creatives and more.

Users have always liked brands that share educative information, and strategizing informative content is necessary now more than ever.

Providing fact-based news/information, spreading awareness of local causes, showing appreciation to users for following government-mandated protocol and supporting them are a few practices brands can follow.

Although communicating fact-based information that is verified through credible and recognized sources is essential.

Along with keeping users informed, keeping them occupied is also vital. Create DIY content to keep users creative and occupied. Inspire and guide them for their at-home workouts. DIY & home workouts are alive more than ever.

Giving meditation tips, suggesting activities and products and sharing tips and tricks for new work environments and routines are a few more ways to educate and entertain.

All-in-all considering the audience spending more time at home, being sensitive, and advertising your brand's value instead of your products will help you shine through these dark times.

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