Brand Saga Recap: Ft. Kukure, Idea Cellular, KBC, & more

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Brand Saga recap

Social Samosa’s Brand Saga recently completed exploring the advertising journey of 50 iconic brands.  We do a quick Brand Saga recap of the brands that got featured in 2020 so far.

While we are locked up within the four walls of our home, reveling in nostalgia has kept us going. In this state of uncertainty and unrest, we are constantly on a lookout for some good moments and happy recollections. On the occasion of Brand Saga completing the coverage of 50 iconic brand journeys, we bring to you a quick Brand Saga recap 2020.

2020 may not have brought much good news, but it also marked Milton’s 50 Golden Jubilee. The New Year edition of Brand Saga was kick-started by deep diving into Milton’s marketing tactics and advertising mantra over five decades. Since its inception in the 1970s to it defining ‘Kuch Naya Sochte Hain’ for us one ad a time, Milton’s Brand Saga deep dives into the brand journey we look to relive again and again.  

Next up we went ahead with delving into an illustrious TV show’s journey which went onto become a brand in itself. Kaun Banega Crorepati hosted by none other than megastar Amitabh Bachchan has been entertaining us for decades now and its a saga worth capturing. How can we leave behind Brand Bachchan and the man himself who has been the face of innumerable brand commercials.

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The Tedha hai Par Mera Hai ‘Kurkure’ too got us covering its two-decade-long journey of bringing families together to evoke laughter and fun with its communication over the years.

Further, we saw the section narrating sagas of  Wagh Bakri- a tale of strengthening bonds, Limca’s lemony Journey, Vicco Turmeric’s vision of making India beautiful, of making ‘Nirma’ sabki pasand, Savlon’s superpower to heal injuries, India’s fight for ‘Do Boond Zindagi Kay’, Alpenliebe's quirky humor, celebrating ‘Surakshit Kale Mere Baal’ with Vasmol, Appy Fizz’s determination to make us cool.

With 50 plus Brand Sagas and counting, we continue featuring advertising classics. For the last two weeks, we saw Kellogg’s India journey of making cereal mainstream in India. The third and final part will look into its digital presence and differentiated communication strategy for its products.

Take a look at the complete history of the brand sagas:

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