Swiggy launches a digital campaign to acknowledge the Unlock

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As certain areas in the country are steadily relaxing containment measures, Swiggy has released the digital campaign '76 Days' to reiterate the long wait.

Swiggy remarks the reopening of several restaurants and cafes with their digital campaign and stresses the 76-day long lockdown, through which several restaurants and kitchens put up with losses, several on the verge of shutting, with many already shut down.

In spite of the Food Industry being categorized as 'essential', dining out & ordering-in experienced a halt due to consumers remaining cautious through this phase.

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The industry then weaved safety & hygiene as a significant part of their narratives and communications. It has been an important theme since the initial phase of the outbreak. The concern is also recapitulated with the campaign.

Alike several fragments of the economy, Swiggy is also facing impoverishment. The company was reported to be laying off 1100 employees due to the pandemic.

Swiggy's recent campaigns have been intended to build trust within their services. They recently put out a campaign featuring Chef Ranveer Brar, through which the company conveyed tips such as disposing off containers, heating the food before consuming, and maintaining hygiene while ordering in.

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