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TikTok Reels

TikTok ban & Instagram Reels creatives have been filmed and are now lined up for you to feast your eyes.

Within days of the ban on TikTok, Instagram launched Reels in India, and the topical trend of theming creatives around the TikTok ban turned to being themed around Instagram Reels.

Recently the Indian Government banned 59 apps of Chinese origin including TikTok. The step cleared the competition for short-format video creation space.

Instagram made the most of this opportunity and launched Reels in India. Soon the feature created a stir in the country, with one-half of the users rejoicing the feature, the other half cursing it.

For both reasons, the topic has been growing with discussions, and now social media brands are now a part of this conversation.

The TikTok ban creatives are taking a dig at the collapse of the app. Few Reels creatives are weaved around the feature being a duplication of TikTok, Brand Factory plugs in their discounts, UClean India integrates their quickness with the short format.

More brands tap the expiration of one app and the arrival of the new feature.


Cadbury Fuse


Radio Mirchi

Brand Factory

Zoom Studios

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Oven Story Pizza

UClean India


If we have missed out on any of your favourite TikTok ban or Instagram Reels brand creatives, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.

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