Understanding content diversification across social media platforms

content diversification

Presenting the essentials of content diversification optimized in accordance with the appropriate formats for each social media platform with inputs from an array of industry members.

Dhruv Shah & Shyam Sharma of Funcho, Mrunal Panchal, and Nagma Mirajkar share their thoughts and learnings for maintaining an engaging presence across social media platforms with content diversification.

Apart from the overlapping audiences, each platform also has a different set of audience, and each user comes to a platform with a set of expectations, such as a user might go to YouTube for long-format videos, Instagram for photos, and so on.

Each platform also has platform-appropriate formats, and something that works on one platform might not work on the other. To fathom the essentials of maintaining a diverse presence across platforms, NoFiltr and Social Samosa came together.

Different behaviors on different platforms

Discussing whether the audience behaves differently on each platform and whether the posts change with that, Nagma says as a person she remains the same on the platforms but types of posts change. She adds, “On Snapchat, I am very raw, on Instagram the posts are more polished with edits, and TikTok is pure entertainment”.

The panelists also discussed that if (for example) a photo is clicked and posted everywhere the audience will get bored. To know what the audience is expecting, the Comments section and interactions in DMs come in handy but one won’t come to know that in one day, it is a long process.

The First Video

Mrunal the first video one posts should always be an introduction that describes who they are, and what the videos are going to be about, and what can the audience expect from the channel.

Nagma adds that one shouldn’t delay posting the first video contemplating things such as whether it would work, or is it bad. The advice comes from her own learning, she delayed posting her first video by a year.

Dhruv mentions that they were eager to get on YouTube, so they posted the same video from Instagram but added an introduction in the CTA, they did not make an introduction video because they didn’t have an audience to introduce themselves to.

So, if you have an audience that has also extended to another platform, your first video should be introductory, but it is not necessary if you are tapping a new audience.

Need For Diversification

Dhruv reiterates the learning that whenever we were taught about savings, we were always taught not to put all our savings in one basket, and this advice can also be applied for diversification.

He adds, from a business perspective too, having a presence across platforms also grows more revenue streams on all platforms and he thinks we should also create a presence offline.

Nagma mentions diversification helps in gaining a new audience, and also builds an audience on different platforms, and you have to be like water, flow where your audience is.

Mrunal says diversification also needs you to get out of your comfort zone, it is challenging but fun.

Presence across platforms

Mrunal is now focussing on YouTube, and Instagram, for posting daily new looks, and uses the phone to record in the vertical format and a camera for horizontal.

Nagma is also zeroing in on Instagram and exploring Twitter, and keeping an eye on the emerging short format video apps in India.

She also thinks IGTV is underrated, recommends trying hands on it, as it will soon be monetized.

Shyam agrees and says IGTV has a better reach as compared to normal video posts. Dhruv adds that they have a presence on most platforms, except Twitter, and they were on Snapchat but not anymore.

Tools of the trade

Discussing the importance and need of tools such as equipment to shoot, lights, camera, and more, Dhruv says they are not necessary, they themselves began shooting on iPhone 6, he gives the example of Bhuvan Bam who shoots his videos on phone.

For Nagma it depends on the content, if the voice & video is messed up then the video will not work, the quality should be decent. Fashion requires a good backdrop and apt lighting.

One should start where they are, get reasonable equipment, and grow, and then improve the quality and equipment.

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Brand Name or Your Name?

Few of the creators turn their own name into a brand name, such as Ashish Chanchlani, then few go with a brand name such as BB Ki Vines, so how does one decide whether they should go with a brand name or their name?

Dhruv mentions that he has noticed when two or more people are involved, they usually go with a brand name, but when there is a single creator who goes with their name, people connect with them personally, as they remember them by their brand name, which is also their name.

Shyam adds that when there is a proper team involved such as TVF, one can go with their brand name as it can also be expanded.


The algorithm plays a huge role in upstreaming, downstreaming, ranking, and prioritizing content. While there are several factors that play a role in forming an algorithm that alters it at an individual user’s level, there is a lengthy technical process that funnels content on all platforms. Moreover, algorithms are often altered from time to time.

Discussing algorithms, Shyam says, if you ask a hundred people, then they will give you hundred different answers, and adds “You create your own algorithm”.

Nagma mentions set your own time, as it also depends on whether your audience is there at that point in time, platforms keep changing algorithms, just make content for your audience.

Mrunal says she often announces that she would be posting a video at this time on this day and fixes a time and posts it then. She further adds one also needs to listen to their audience and know when would they be most active.

What apps do you use to edit?

Shyam reckons Premier Pro (cracked version), Mrunal says iMovie and Final Cut Pro. For the ones who say editing is difficult and not easy to learn, Shyam mentions they learned it themselves through YouTube videos.

Nagma says as she has a lot of content will suffer a lag if she edits it themselves, she hands it to an editor.

Mrunal adds editing herself also leads to everything being the way she wants it to and show what she wants to show in a certain way.

Closing Thoughts & Staying Diverse

Nagma says don’t post just for the sake of it; one needs to like their own content first, give it time, stay consistent, don’t give up, and keep posting.

Shyam says as comedy doesn’t have any limitations they create short sketches on Instagram, and tap longer formats on YouTube, that is how they diversify.

Mrunal adds one also has to maintain the happy vibes with their content.

Shyam says one keeps hearing this, but it is true, just keep making it and then one day one of the posts will boom, and then all of the posts will boom, so just keep making it, and one day you will experience this and say the same thing to someone else.