#WombStories by Bodyform that need to be heard


Bodyform launches yet another startling campaign, #WombStories, showcasing how menstruation & womb related issues are not as simple as girls start getting periods at a certain age, and then go through menopause at another.

Menstruation has always been synonymous with interdiction and is surrounded by several myths, along with its representation being sugarcoated in visual mediums. But Bodyform continues with the
bona fide storytelling.

Bodyform, a feminine hygiene brand that produces a line of daily intimate care products has always been known to create campaigns that enlighten viewers about menstruation in an unexpected manner.

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After executing a series of such campaigns, with the most popular of them being ‘The Truth’, the brand has created yet another striking campaign.

WombStories, created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, and directed by Nisha Ganatra shows muti-segmented narratives of crowd-sourced stories. The soundtrack used is Priestess (Shura Remix) by Pumarosa and the artists that contributed to the animation are @laurajaneyh@carinekhalife, @sallalehmus, @kateisobelscott, @oook_bai, @stopmotionroos, @headexplodie, @nellaphnt@mollygracelawton, @aylinohri@__mephoto, @georgiewileman@_mephoto.

The campaign’s objective is to normalize all kinds of womb stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Getting blood on new underwear, experiencing chronic pain, bearing the loss of an unborn child, and squirting blood while sneezing during periods – all stories have a visual in the campaign.

The choice of wanting or not wanting children is theirs, just like their womb, and periods are not just about the discharge of blood.

Remarking the campaign, the brand mentions, “All of them, all our womb stories are as valid, as normal, as real as any others. And none of us should be made to hide what we feel inside. Because to know each other, to help each other, to see each other, all our real #wombstories need to be heard and shared”.