Inside: VOGO Rentals’ attempt to position itself as the go-to transport medium

VOGO Rentals

VOGO Rentals’ recent campaign talks about ‘safe commuting’ post lockdown and how the service has plugged in the needed efforts. The brand-agency duo takes us through the making of the campaign and its objective at length.

A tech-enabled, self-ride two-wheeler rental service, VOGO Rentals, recently rolled out a digital ad campaign ‘Go safe with VOGO’ urging people to commute safely with its sanitized scooters in the post lockdown world. Launched with an aim to address the personal mobility needs, the ad film features entertainers – Amol Parashar & Abish Mathew, creating a sense of responsibility and awareness among the audience to stay safe while traveling.  

Campaign Insight

Once the lockdown is lifted people would prefer traveling with their own vehicle rather than using public transport – this is where VOGO positioned itself as the perfect solution by providing scooter rental services.

The Brief

In a post lockdown world, VOGO anticipated a fundamental change in consumers’ travel patterns, where safety will be the top priority amongst perpetual needs like affordability & convenience. The brand wanted to remind the consumers that whether you go for grocery shopping or early return to work or for any other unavoidable mobility need during the pandemic – A four step-sanitized VOGO scooter is one of the best options to consider.

Campaign Objective

The campaign aims to highlights some of the principal measures that VOGO has taken to offer safe rides to all its customers. Informing of safety measures & building confidence amongst users with regards to VOGO was the bigger brand objective.

“The idea was to make shareable content rather than making a typical ad film. The main reason behind getting Amol and Abish onboard was their huge digital presence and because they had the experience of making digital content,” shares Padmanabhan Balakrishnan, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO), VOGO.

He further informs that an additional benefit was that their personality resonated with brand VOGO and their unique narration style added the right energy to the ad film.

BTS – Brainstorming while remote working

Leo Burnett Orchard took the lead on the overall execution.  From script narration to subsequent client meetings, Director Calls to PPMs chats with Abish and Amol, and eventually the final shoot, everything was done over a video call.

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Commenting on the campaign execution part while working at a distance with other teammates, Amod Dani, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Orchard opens up, “Everyone in the team had a role that they needed to perform; the tasks were clear and pre-defined. Working virtually has its naysayers but when everyone is on the same page we can overcome these impediments. I think the seamless connectivity and proper channels of communication were critical.”

The campaign film was shot virtually in a day’s time, with the actors handling the camera themselves and the director guiding them over a video call.

“We were all connected with each other and yes the iPhone was our camera and also the video assist. Abish and Amol shot the film from their respective homes to maintain precautions in the time of the pandemic. With the vision of the creators and seamless editing we were able to visually create a situation where it looked like they were at the same location,” adds Dani.

Social Media plugin

Padmanabhan shares that the company leverages its social media presence to not only engage with its users but also to consistently keep learning about customers & their needs – broadcast and listen.

VOGO connects with its customers on a  cultural standpoint using topical content, polls, contents, trivia, and updates. “We also use performance digital marketing on Facebook & Google networks to acquire new customers and remarket to engaged users,” he notes.

Apart from indulging in moment marketing and other user engagement activity, the rental service is also actively showcasing the various preventive measures, safety features undertaken by it and accentuates why VOGO can be a trustworthy partner in the post-COVID world.

“Entire marketing funnel from awareness to action to repeat is online and needs digital interventions along the consumer journey, quips Padmanabhan.


Seinfeld knows it the best! Stay home, stay safe folks!#VOGO #indiafightscorona #lockdown #stayhome #staysafe

Posted by Vogo Rentals on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The salient features such as affordability, flexibility, and convenience still play a role in decision making for customers, but safety has become the primary driver. “Accordingly, the communication strategy must encompass all these factors. Our communication maintains a balance between strategic drivers like safety & tactical motivations like affordability & convenience,” he adds.

With the changing environment, everyone has adapted to the new normal of working from home.

“Clients and Agencies have come to a lot closer during this time. Increased communication and transparency helps in retaining that bond. A greater sense of integration and collective ownership helps effectively drive a constructive narrative forward,” concludes Dani, commenting on the making of the campaign.