WFH Diaries 2.0- Sneak peek into the lockdown lives of ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’

Sneha Yadav
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WFH Diaries

The second edition of Social Samosa’s WFH Diaries moves a step further to cruise through the ‘agency from home’ life of the trailblazers of the advertising industry who at a young age are tackling challenges and steadily championing the remote working norm.

In April 2020, when we initiated a video series titled ‘WFH Diaries’- WFH- an abbreviation everyone is well versed with courtesy several subsequent lockdowns- we looked at deep diving into the quarantine lives of agency leaders who let us take a glimpse into their day while working from home and juggling various roles.

While the leaders of today got us hooked to their narratives of their lockdown routine, with 'WFH Diaries- Leaders of Tomorrow edition' we intend to unmask the ‘work from home’ regime of the young Turks across agencies who are equally contributing to the adage- -the show must go on’ for the well being of the industry.

With almost 6 months under lockdown, we have all adapted remote working space and that comfortable corner of our homes, which has now officially our office, and somehow it has made working feasible. Where the industry leaders and honchos are at their feet answering each and every phone call and attending various zoom meetings to make the ends meet, the agency’s very own young guns are blazing their creativity and ideas on the work table each minute while practicing social distancing.

Giving an intimate peek into their lives during the pandemic, the WFH Diaries- Leaders of Tomorrow episodes give you a sneak peek into how the go-getters are managing several brand accounts while practicing a yogasana, penning down brilliant copies while also rekindling their passion for doodles, answering client calls while cooking a scrumptious dinner, working a brief while also doing ‘jhaadu-pocha’. While at home, they are straddling these talented individuals in their late 20s and early 30s are straddling dual lives and how!

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What makes these episodes more interesting is that they stand true to ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’- as the leaders of tomorrow from the advertising world imbibe the ‘new normal’, they have also found a way to lead their lives in a sorted manner and manage each minute responsibly. ‘Work from home’ comes with its own set of challenges where at times our brains stop working and all may not look hunky-dory, a skim through these episodes will help you take clues from the varied narratives and perspectives that these young individuals have spoken of.

Presenting to you the much-awaited trailer of WFH Diaries- Leaders of Tomorrow Edition featuring 20+ agency professionals taking us through interesting WFH Chronicles.

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