Instagram introduces updates for Reels

Instagram Reels

The new updates for Instagram Reels include features enabling trimming and deleting clips, and extended timer for recording; the duration of Reels has been increased to 30 seconds.

Previously, the maximum duration of Instagram Reels was 15-seconds, and the timer had a 3-2-1 countdown before the recording begins, both of the durations being extended with an intention towards simplifying the creation process.

Since the ban on TikTok, and the introduction of Reels that is more or less a clone of the short-video format popularized by TikTok, Instagram has been aggressively pushing Reels, specially in the two top markets – US, and India.

The platform has been introducing several updates, and testing placements of the Reels icon within the app UI to see where it gets the most taps. They have already added several inclusions of the Reels section in Explore.

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More updates include monthly trend reports that will highlight the popular trends in Reels each month.

Reels has gained an above-average response in India from the active userbase on the platform but has failed to resonate with users in the West, according to reports.

The future of TikTok looks bleak in India and the US, although the talks of or in-process partnership deals with native companies in both markets may turn that around, Instagram has a small window to establish itself as the most popular short-format video platform.

The full blown roll out of YouTube Shorts has also made the competition in this space more interesting.