#SSIPLWatch How team spirit & candid demeanour help Kings XI Punjab social media strategy shine

Kings XI Punjab social media strategy

Armed with emojis, behind the scenes footage and merchandises, Kings XI Punjab is able to present a warm and friendly vibe on social media, we take a closer look.

To facilitate a real connection between fans and teams, a generous amount of glimpses of players on and off the field are a must. This strategy seems to be key to the social media presence of Kings XI Punjab. They share milestones in the personal lives of the players as well as memes in sync with and to fuel popular discourse around the team. Most of their posts are laden with emojis, adding to the candid demeanour they seemingly want to present on social media. Here are some key highlights.

Social Media Footprint

Facebook: 8.5 Million followers
Instagram: 1.8 Million followers
Twitter: 2.1 Million followers
Key Hashtags: SaddaPunjab #IPL2020 #KXIP

Highlighting Media Coverage

On Facebook and Twitter, Kings XI Punjab often shares links to favourable media coverage they get for the game and the performance of individual players. They add to the brand value of the team as well as get fans a chance to catch up on news and features about the team they support. The team also has a blog on their official website and the links to the articles there are shared on these platforms to drive readership.

Action Images

Along with a live textual commentary when a match is on, the team also shares in-action images from the field to drive conversations online as well as give people a taste of what’s happening even if they were missing the match. Emojis are, of course, used generously.

Going Candid

Kings XI Punjab routinely shares glimpses of lives players lead off-field. This helps in enriching the experience of fans and followers, giving them reasons to invest emotions in the team. From a visual perspective, these posts cut through the clutter of jersey, branding and match imagery.

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Power Of Players

One of the key parts of the social media strategy of Kings XI Punjab is how they leverage the star power of their players. Players form a large part of their visual narrative. The team’s captain, K. L. Rahul is one of the most prominently present players across their social media presence.

Trends & Formats

Several interesting post formats have been used by Kings XI Punjab to create social media posts. This includes trending formats as well as other popular culture references that are likely to hit a six among fans. Players are at the heart of such communication.

Taste of Behind The Scenes

To create an all-encompassing experience for the fans, Kings XI Punjab shares a lot of behind the scenes footage in byte-sized content pieces on social media. Sometimes, the videos are a few minutes long and present an in-depth take on the strategy of the team. It’s like a mix of fun and engaging content with a sprinkle of serious stuff that is likely to be relevant for persons who understand cricket.


  • Creating a deeper narrative that goes beyond the promotion of the team and the players can go a long way in forging a loyal fandom.
  • Use of emojis and candid visuals help in creating a space that encourages fans to participate in conversations.
  • Leveraging the power of a team’s players is a great strategy to build the overall brand of the team.