Nescafe Campaigns that turn a dull day bright

Nescafe Campaigns

Filling the cup with memories of Nescafe Campaigns that inspired to build a new door when existing ones are shut, start your morning with a caffeine kick and boost the speed of life.

From the 3 AM paper cup of Sunrise on a calm road, Classic in the morning before work, or a Chilled Latte in the evening, Nescafe has been a part of several routines. Not entirely, but the warm Nescafe Campaigns have had a hand in making the coffee brand a household name, here we revisit a few.

It is difficult to speak about Nescafe’s advertising feats without humming its signature tune in your head. In the early years, making its way in a chai dominated country, the Nescafe tune was synonymous to coffee.

In the later years, while the campaigns featuring Deepika Padukone, and Disha Patani have been dominantly popular, the brand has also launched more ads that dispersed the aroma of the true essence of coffee, mainly created by the creative agency McCann.

The campaign #ItAllStarts, a series of video adverts by Nescafe have been the most iconic part of the brand’s footprint that began with a Comedian shaking the ground. The outline of the whole series was based on what coffee stands for, no matter what, wake up and get started.

While there could’ve been setbacks such as the campaign turning out to be offensive whilst tapping a fluency disorder, and viewers not finding the jokes funny. But the campaign created by McCann, and produced by Early Man Films resonated with the audience in a warm & hilarious manner.

RJ Rishi’s Story was another popular advert; the brand actually tied up with Red FM for a radio show titled Nescafe Mornings airing at 5:30 AM, hosted by RJ Rishi. The activity mirrors the campaign’s narrative.

Conceptualized by McCann and produced by Breathless Films, Cartoonist Ft. Vikrant Massey, is arguably one of the best campaigns by Nescafe, which is both critically and commercially acclaimed and played an active hand in boosting the #ItAllStarts trend. Its popularity also led a coffee-based wellness brand MCaffeine creating a new ad, featuring Massey.

While the campaign primarily worked for its inspirational value, as the audience at large aspires to be inspired, it was also an illustration of a crisp but captivating narration, with the use of overlaid graphics and social media interface, which was not largely popular in those days.

The cup is filled with more Nescafe Campaigns, so get started.

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