#SSIPLWatch Victoria Banaszak on Livinguard's association with Delhi Capitals

Sneha Yadav
Oct 20, 2020 05:29 IST
Victoria Banaszak

As the Hygiene Partner of Delhi Capitals for IPL 2020, Livinguard AG looks at connecting with the tournament spectators; Victoria Banaszak shares the marketing strategy implemented towards achieving the same.

Leveraging IPL’s global standing as one of the top leagues amongst all sports in the world, Livinguard AG claims to have been providing the team with the best possible hygiene solutions on and off the field. Victoria Banaszak, Senior Vice President Marketing, Livinguard AG dives deeper into the brand's IPL strategy and promoting hygiene technology on a global level.

Edited Excerpts:


was the insight behind reviving your association with Delhi Capital? 

Spurred on by the pandemic, JSW and GMR co-owned franchise Delhi Capitals is placing player and team member safety as paramount for this IPL and our partnership, therefore, makes total sense since Livinguard’s mission is to protect the health of people with COVID destroying Technology. Our aim is to give everyone and everything the power of permanent self-disinfection.


does the overall marketing plan for the season look like? What kind of a

role will social media play?

Our marketing plan is digital-focused and social media plays a key role. Given our masks are available mainly via e-commerce channels, digital marketing, and social media, play an integral role in the consumer's purchase journey; from product awareness, technology buy-in, and the promise of protection, to the ultimate purchase decision, the consumer's journey decision is made simple and efficient.

Furthermore, Livinguard holds social impact as one of its three key pillars (along with permanent hygiene and sustainability) and is actively driving social impact programs in Asia and in Africa. To reach a wider audience and drive awareness, our marketing is largely focused on community engagement both online and offline. With a rapid increase in internet and smartphone penetration across developing markets, we are able to create touchpoints in otherwise remote and hard-to-reach geographies.

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are the parameters to calculate ROI on your IPL marketing initiatives? Do you

think it will be difficult to recover the investment amidst the pandemic


Our motto is not to calculate ROIs at the moment but help people get back to live their lives as earlier. As a popular sport in India, we are sure to connect with over 135 billion spectators who will cheer for the teams when they are on the field.

Our investment lies in protecting these cricketers even beyond the field when they are with their teammates, their families, their fans, and give them the ultimate protection. From our masks to our gloves, we aim to ensure Livinguard is the consumer’s obvious choice when they #takeguard during this pandemic. 


take us through your media mix. How much percent of it is reserved for


Digital is not a separate strategy or workstream of ours. Our ethos is that it is the umbrella that covers all areas. The product offerings are communicated directly to consumers (PROMOTION) via earned and organic traditional media coverage as well as digitally, socially - and most importantly via word of mouth since our customer conversion is impactful.


us through your marketing strategy. Any campaigns or activities lined up to

support your partnership? 

The underlying message of all campaigns remains the same: Livinguard ensures you are equipped to live in today's "new normal." This theme will be extended to the partnership with the Delhi Capitals as well. The fervor and passion for Cricket in India are unparalleled; it is part and parcel of everyday discussion, debates that equates to normal life.

With the pandemic, this was interrupted. With the IPL kick-starting this month, it gives one the confidence and assurance that we can live through this, even though it is a "new normal."

We are very much focused on digital platforms to raise awareness of our hygiene technology and our partnership with the Delhi Capitals for this IPL as the official hygiene sponsor. We have launched our first contest #TakeGuardWith Livinguard giving away exclusive co-branded merchandise to 10 lucky winners... and there's more.


corona v/s post corona: has IPL marketing or sports marketing in general

changed dramatically? What are the key advertising & marketing trends you


Certainly digital has become even more relevant in the new post corona times and we believe will continue to be a leading global trend. Consumers are online now more than they have ever been; whether it's news, communicating with one another, social interactions, grocery shopping, or impulse buying, everything is online.


partnerships have also come to the forefront in a post-corona world. While

safety and protection remain key drivers, brands are looking for meaningful and

long-lasting collaborations to drive shared value and remain relevant in such

times. Our association with the Delhi Capitals exemplifies this trend; as

cricketer's from around the world can come together and compete against the

best of the best, we ought to ensure their safety and that's what Livinguard

aims to do. We provide the team with the protection off the field so they can

give their best performance on the field.

The Livinguard

mask has become a part of the team's protective gear off the field, just like

an elbow guard or helmet is on the field. It's this message that we hope will

ultimately resonate with the consumer and equip them with the right information

to make an informed choice on their everyday guards. #takeguard like the Delhi


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