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Best Social Media Brands 2020

Here’s a look at the - Special (Campaign) Categories of Best Social Media Brands' new edition. Take a look.

As we kickstart the new year, Best Social Media Brands is geared up to set the stage with fun and celebration of Custodians, Strategists, Planners, and Creative Minds across the A & M Industry. BSMB's SAMMIE award is an ode to humane brands that created winning work over the year.

As the fourth edition of SAMMIE-BSMB  presents a unified platform to recognize the best brands, we now reveal to you the Special (Campaign) Categories at the marquee event. The SAMMIE award will be given to 20 Main (Brand) categories, 16 Special (Campaign) Categories, and 6 Individual (Marketing Achievers) Category.

The 16 Special (Campaign) Categories at Best Social Media Brands are as below:

Best Social Media Brand – Cause Marketing

The last year and more has been dominated by the theme of cause marketing & paying it forward due to the crises that engulfed the world. This category is for brands that only supported or highlighted a cause but actioned betterment for it.

Best Use of Social Media to launch a Product/Service

Most of the best products/services in 2020 were launched online. Are you a brand that leveraged innovative concepts and tools on social media to successfully launch a product/service? Then this is the category for you to shine.

Best Use of Social Media Platforms for a Campaign – Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn/Niche Platforms

This category is for brand campaigns that used social media platforms in a unique way to reach out to their target audiences and engage with them. If your brand campaign leveraged social media platforms for their strength and creativity, this category is for you.

Best Use of Video Content

The category is dedicated to campaigns that leveraged video as a medium like no other. If you are a brand that launched a campaign with dynamic video content to stand out in the clutter, then nominate yourself in this category.

Best Use of Influencers – Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

Influencer marketing has become the norm of the industry. If your brand/agency selected the right influencers for the right target audience and managed to stand out, this one is for you.

Best Use of Branded Content and Creators

If you are a brand that went beyond the ordinary to advertise your content in association with the creators and innovative branded content solutions, then nominate yourself in this category.

Best UGC / Co-Creation Strategy

UGCs campaigns involving consumers as a part of the brand initiatives that helped to create a seamless consumer-brand conversation and much more will be awarded in this category.

Best Use of Social Media to Generate Leads or Drive Revenues

This is the category for brands that leveraged social media to drive RoI through the strategic use of social media platforms.

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Best Social Media Brand – Moment Marketing

Be it the ‘Rasode Mein Kon Tha’ moment or COVID-19 awareness campaigns – if you are a brand that knows how to ignite a moment with the appropriate marketing tactic, you know what to do.

Best Social Media Brand – Occasion Marketing

The year 2020 accelerated the need for a break and celebrating moments, especially during some testing times. Diwali, Eid, or Christmas – if you think that your occasion marketing strategy is on-point, then nominate in this category.

Best Use of Technology to create a Seamless Brand Experience on Social Media

AI, VR, Voice - name it and we have it. Technology plays an integral role in a marketing set up creating a trend that can't be avoided. If your martech game on social media is strong, nominate for this category.

Most Conversational Brand on Social Media

If you are a brand that takes pride to have been able to unify consumers, make them feel heard, connected with them through conversations, then apply now.

COVID-19 Campaigns

A pandemic that changed paradigms in the A & M Industry; brand campaigns had to go beyond to fight against COVID-19, support frontline warriors, and more. If you are a brand that went out and about through pathbreaking campaigns during the pandemic, nominate in this category.

Best use of Memes

As memes become a part of conversations, this category is for campaigns that leveraged this tool with a relatable, creative, and appropriate approach to strike a chord with the audience.

Best Use of Content Marketing

With a sea of campaigns coming in every day, content marketing emerges as an effective way to communicate in a non-intrusive manner and yet stand out. This category is for creative and engaging content marketing initiatives.

Best Use of Digital Data, Analytics & Listening

The role of data in crafting personalized and effective communications could not have been more emphasized. Especially since 2020, when the consumer itself changed, so did their choices and needs. With data now more important than ever, this category is for analytics & listening.

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