#SocialThrowback2020: Must-Read Social Samosa Articles from 2020

Social Samosa Articles

Here is a recap of Social Samosa Articles highlighting key changes in the year, dominating trends, the state of marketing, and the impact of COVID-19.

The torch of knowledge guided us through the dark times, and with our learnings supported with the insights from industry experts and marketing maestros, Social Samosa articles were able to lay down the changes that COVID-19 brought about in the industry.

The industry was able to improvise, adapt, and overcome the obstacles of dealing with a subject they were not familiar with. COVID-19 has been a primary theme or a backdrop of most ad campaigns, and consequently our articles too.

We deep dive into the impact of COVID-19 that will not end with this year and has already triggered some long-term changes. The chronicles of #BrandSaga continue as we take you through the journey of iconic brands.

With our new series ‘Celebrity Brands’ and its returning season, we explain how influential personalities have turned themselves into a brand with their social media footprint.

Read through more of such articles that gear you up for the arriving times and help you not just spot trends, but predict them. Special shoutout to a few of our series of articles such as ‘COVID:19’ taking us through the world map of global trends and its reverberations in campaigns. #SSIPLWatch apprises you about all you need to know about IPL X Marketing, and #SSWellnessWatch dissecting the role of beauty in the mask economy.

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Making sense of numbers. Are we Social CRM ready?

Social CRM

From Screens to Cart: How Hallyu Wave fuelled the demand for Korean Products in India

Hallyu Wave

Brand Saga: From Italy to India, Bisleri – a journey through time

Bisleri advertising journey

Celebrity Brands: The Shilpa Shetty social media strategy – from a diva to fitness guru

Shilpa Shetty social media strategy

Expert Speak: Animation advertising – India’s Dumb Ways to Die moment around the corner?

animation advertising

Decoding: Role of YouTube in e-commerce brands’ marketing funnel

Brands YouTube Strategy

Space for LGBTQIA+ Community in social media & marketing


Inside: Mirzapur 2 marketing strategy – A combination of seasons to increase viewership

Mirzapur 2 marketing strategy

Future of agency office spaces post-COVID – a hybrid model in the making?

Agency office spaces

10 books to update your Facebook knowledge in 2021

Facebook Books 2021

10 all-rounder books about Twitter to read in 2021

Twitter books

How to repurpose content for social media posts effectively

how to repurpose content

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