LinkedIn enables Swipe Up links for Stories

Paawan Sunam
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LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn has launched a swipe up feature that redirects viewers to a web link from the Stories tab. The weblinks can be used to show additional content or lead users to purchase gateway.

The swipe up feature for LinkedIn Stories is only available for Pages and members having at least 5000 connections or followers and have the 'Follow' button instead of 'Connect' as the primary action on their Profile.

How to add the swipe up feature

  • Add a photo or video to your Story
  • Tap the link icon at the top
  • Add the URL under 'Add a link'
  • Select the applicable action button
  • Tap Done Note: You can tap Edit Link to modify your link or Preview Link to see what your viewers will see when they swipe up on your Story
  • Tap Share Story

Clicking the eye icon on the bottom right corner of the Story will show unique views and link click statistics, as a part of the LinkedIn Story Insights.

LinkedIn Stories was launched in India in October 2020 with local additions. At the time of the launch, the platform mentioned that Stories have been introduced to aid members to share everyday professional moments and experiences with their communities more casually, and authentically.

"In a virtually connected world, 'Stories' are the virtual water coolers", shared Ashutosh Gupta, India Country Manager, LinkedIn. A way to maintain lightweight conversations with connections and the community.

While there are no official statistics available about the userbase active on Stories, or its growth since its launch, LinkedIn has been recently been introducing updates for it and has also begun monetizing the tab with ads.

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Recently, LinkedIn announced the rollout of Stories Ads with a limited number of advertisers in a closed beta with all members globally.

Linkedin Stories ads build on the immersive full-screen format and support video and single-image ads in vertical and square orientations from the existing Sponsored Content campaigns. The addition of the swipe up feature for Stories advances further development of the tab.

Use case applications that marketing professionals are familiar with such as leveraging cross-platform engagement by directing the community from LinkedIn to another platform, and concluding a Stories campaign with swipe up links to lead users to make a purchase and more of such ways.

Screenshot Credits: Matt Navarra