Prega News Social Media Strategy: Understanding the role influencers & multi-lingual content

Prega News leverages the power of influencers and multi-lingual communication to reach moms-to-be as part of their social media strategy.

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Prega News Social Media Strategy

We take a look at how Prega News leverages the power of influencers and multi-lingual communication to reach out to moms-to-be as part of their social media strategy.

Over the last several years, Prega News has established itself as the bringer of good news. They are a part of a woman's most intimate and decisive moment and are thus privy to various topics of conversation around it — from maternal leave to postpartum depression. The social media strategy of Prega News is intrinsically linked to their overall marketing strategy — where celebrity mothers play a crucial role.

Multi-lingual communication helps them stay relevant to be a bigger demographic. The brand is pretty selective about the trending conversations they choose to be a part of. The overall colour scheme is a mix of light and dark hues of pink and purple. Raising awareness around various pregnancy-related topics is a priority that's evident in their communication. We take a closer look.

Prega News Social Media Strategy

On Facebook and Instagram, Prega News pretty much amplifies the same communication and creatives. In addition to putting out this communication, Twitter is the platform they leverage to be conversational. As far as reach, engagement and numbers are concerned, Facebook and Instagram make up for the strongest of their communities, followed by Twitter. Quite understandably, the biggest chunk of their content on social media is about Family & Parenting (81.8%), as recorded by Qoruz.

Facebook: 127.3K Likes

Twitter: 1.1K Followers

Instagram: 4K Followers

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Prega News Social Media Overview
Prega News Social Media Content Affinity


On average, Prega News gets 30 Likes, 1 Comment and 1 Share on Facebook. This makes up for an engagement rate of 0.03%.

Prega News Facebook Data


According to the data, Prega News gets an average of 1 Favourite/Like and 1 Retweet, making their engagement rate about 0.22%.

Prega News Twitter Data


On Instagram, data shows that Prega News gets an average of 61 likes, 4 comments and 8.6K video views. This helps them get an engagement rate of 1.62%.

Prega News Instagram Data

Social Media Engagement

People mostly like their posts to engage with Prega News on social media. Both in the case of Facebook and Instagram, this can be seen to be true. Compared to like, comments and shares form a minuscule part of the engagement split.

Prega News Facebook Engagement Split

Prega News Instagram Engagement Split


Twitter Conversations

Twitter is a platform that helps Prega News stay more conversational than other social media platforms. Here, they can be seen wishing new celebrity mothers. They also often use the platform to build corporate goodwill by sharing articles about them, as published by leading media houses. They also post creatives here, same as the ones that are posted on other social media platforms.

Celebrity Power

Prega News has a history of getting celebrity endorsements by Bollywood moms-to-be. This precedent can be seen from their association with Kareena Kapoor Khan and Anushka Sharma. Such collaborations help the brand stay in the news, participate in trending conversations and put forth a credible narrative as people know that the women in these advertisements are pregnant in real life. The stories thus shared are more emotionally charged than any possible fictional campaign.

Trending Topicals

Though very selective about the kind of trending moments they leverage, Prega News has had their fair share of topical post mentions. They relate each of these instances to the concepts of pregnancy detection and announcement. The idea of a 'good news' is used time and again in their communication. Wherever possible, the packaging of the product is used in creative communication.

Community Building

There are two key ways in which Prega News has built itself an online community. One, multi-lingual communication and two, talking to fathers and about fatherhood. Almost all the communication, especially when it's in the video format, is put up in various Indian languages. Influencers have been time and again roped in by the brand to talk about their experiences of parenthood and pregnancy — all in different languages, which they are comfortable with and are known to communicate in.

Though Prega News mainly talks to mothers, it also, quite often, includes fathers in the fold of their social media communication. This is mostly done around father's day and at times when both the parents are included in the communication — mostly recalling their pregnancy period experiences.

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Festive Engagement

On certain occasions, Prega News has leveraged festival time communication to drive engagement. They often nudge women to tag their partners to express affection and ask for gifts. These are light-hearted videos that mostly feature the brand's ambassador at the time.

Mommy Talk

Most of Prega News' communication is about pregnancy and early motherhood. They often share tips on how expectant mothers can take care of themselves as well as share retable, sometimes humorous, content around what women go through when they are pregnant. It helps them nurture a community of women that is hooked for advice and companionship through the tricky path that lies ahead.

Social Commentary

Prega News is perhaps best known for its full-fledged campaigns around social issues. So far, they have tackled gender equality, female foeticide, woes and needs of a working mother (and expectant mother), postpartum depression, maternity leave and access to maternal healthcare. Some of these campaigns, like the #ImWithYellow campaign, was supported by an influencer marketing leg. Even in the case of just video campaigns, the brand has been able to create social media chatter with their strong and emotive take on the issue at hand.

In the last few years, Prega News has been able to create and sustain social media buzz by releasing strong campaigns on a regular basis. They have supported their endeavours with celebrity and influencer faces, as well as put forth topical posts to participate in trending conversations. These are some of the aspects of their social media strategy that helps them stand out in the clutter of endless scrolls.

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