[Download] Social Media Calendar 2021 by Social Samosa

Social Samosa
Jan 02, 2021 04:28 IST
New Update
Social Media Calendar 2021

Social Samosa Network presents an all-encompassing Social Media Calendar to facilitate 2021 content plans for brands & creators.

As we stand at the cusp of another new year, content plans are being drawn up on notepads and laptops across various cities of the world. Brands, agencies and creators are all set to make the most of this new beginning they have been awarded by the solar system. Amidst this all, here's a free downloadable Social Media Calendar by Social Samosa, one all brand managers must keep in their saved tabs as they go about tweaking plans through December 2021.

The calendar contains topical events from both Indian and International perspectives. In this, you will find birthdays of important personalities as well as festivals and days of celebrations.

The days and events included in the calendar have been cherry-picked by the Social Samosa team with the experience of tracking topical and trending posts through the last couple of years. These dates are expected to help brands and creators add value to their content plans and garner engagement around things that matter to the people on social media.

This calendar is being released with the hope to help brands, agencies and creators craft relevant creatives and communication in 2021. Good luck!

You can download the free calendar here:

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