Case Study: How Duroflex CSR campaign, ‘Gift of Sleep’ drove 2Mn plus social reach

Duroflex CSR campaign

Partnering with The Better India, the Duroflex CSR campaign donated 1 million hours of sleep for children in need, for the New Year.

As part of the Duroflex CSR campaign, the brand encouraged their customers to make the gesture sweeter by sending wishes which were then shared with the children along with the donation. The case study delves deeper into the execution and the impact that it created.

Category Introduction

The mattress category in India is one of the fastest-growing categories currently. Traditionally led by the unbranded segment, the last few years have seen branded players like Duroflex leading growth in the branded segment through consumer education, innovative products, and a deep commitment to help India sleep better. The category is growing at a CAGR of 7-8% year on year and online segment is growing much more aggressively. The pandemic further created a lot of awareness among consumers about the importance of quality sleep and health resulting in growth.

Brand Introduction

Duroflex is one of India’s fastest growing sleep solutions providers with an extensive range of premium mattresses, sleep accessories, a wide retail footprint, and a national online presence. This brand with over five decades of expertise is redefining the meaning of quality sleep through research-backed and innovative sleep solutions.

Duroflex CSR Campaign Summary

Duroflex launched a CSR campaign called ‘Gift of Sleep’ in partnership with The Better India to provide good quality sleep for children in need for the New Year. Through this initiative the brand donated 365 brand new sleep stations complete with a high-quality mattress and a pillow for the children of Bengaluru based Vidyaranya Charitable Trust on New Year’s Eve.

The children at the NGO could now enjoy eight hours of quality sleep every day on these mattresses — amounting to a million hours of sleep in the New Year. The initiative was made even sweeter with Duroflex inviting their customers to send in their New Year wishes for the children which were sent to them along with their sleep stations.

Problem Statement/Objective

A good quality mattress is the bedrock of quality sleep. However, not everyone has access to quality mattresses and are therefore deprived of healthy sleep, a basic necessity. At the turn of the New Year, the brand wanted to gift good sleep to more people who genuinely needed it.


Identify real needs within the community so that Duroflex can reach out to and make a difference. Reinforce the brand’s commitment to ‘helping India sleep better’.

Creative Idea

Healthy sleep is extremely essential for the growth and development of children, the future of our nation. However, there are a large number of underprivileged children who are deprived of quality sleep; one of the main reasons being the lack of access to good quality mattresses and pillows. To help these children sleep better and live healthier lives, Duroflex associated with philanthropy partner, The Better India to identify real needs and present them with the ‘gift of good sleep’ with Duroflex high-quality mattresses and pillows.


  • Identifying the correct audience who were in the need of sleep stations along with finding the right partner to associate within order to reach out to the audience and to gift good sleep to the underprivileged children.
  • Ensuring that the mattresses are manufactured, delivered along with the wishes from the customer in time for New Year’s.

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Duroflex set up 365 brand new sleep stations with high-quality mattresses and a pillow for the children at the NGO. To make the gift sweeter and to give an opportunity for their customers to partake in this gesture, the brand encouraged their customers to join and send in their wishes for the children via Duroflex’s website, social media handles, and through wish boards placed in their experience centres. This initiative was further supported by prominent social media influencers who also shared their heartfelt wishes which were given to the children along with the mattresses and pillows.

The campaign was further amplified on social media using content talking about the importance of sleep for children along with the photo-stories about the kids at the NGO. Finally, it was wrapped up with a heart-warming video of kids receiving their sleep stations.

Results (Quantitative & Qualitative)

  • Received 1000+ messages from consumers for the children
  • Total Social Reach – 2 Mn+
  • Total Engagement – 30K+

CMO Quotes

Smita Murarka, Vice President – Marketing & E-Commerce, Duroflex said, “Improving the quality of sleep and fostering health and immunity through it, has always been pivotal for Duroflex. Our vision to make India sleep better was brought to life when the children at the NGO were given the “Gift of Sleep” in the form of brand-new high-quality mattresses and pillows that are essential for their growth and development. They were deprived of this basic necessity through the pandemic, and we couldn’t have found a better way to bring in the New Year than gifting them what they dream of the most – a safe and comfortable sleep space.”