Data: 61% Snapchatters anticipate using the app on gameday

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Snapchat Super Bowl

Snapchat has released data on user behaviour, content creation & consumption, and brand interaction trends ahead of Super Bowl LV.

Super Bowl is all set to return to screens this weekend. After the humongous hit taken by business the world over, it's being looked at as a ray of hope and sunshine — much like the role played by IPL and Diwali in India towards the end of last year. According to the internal data collected by Snapchat, 61% of Snapchatters plan on tuning in to the 2021 Super Bowl.

For most football fans, it will be a family affair — 44% of Snapchatters plan to watch the game with their family this year, while 31% are planning to watch it with their friends.

So, where does Snapchat fall into the game experience?

About 61% of Snapchatters anticipate on using the app on gameday — they plan on sharing the most snaps throughout the game, after a big play or a bad call, and during the halftime show.


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Interestingly, these are also the moments and time periods where brands can compete for their attention.

About 23% of Snapchatters are looking forward to showing their spirit with Super Bowl-themed selfies. Nearly 60% plan to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday by either cooking their favourite dishes, stocking up on snacks, and/or ordering in on the game day.

In 2020, there were notable spikes in conversation around advertisers like Google and Pringles, when their commercials had aired. This was tracked with the help of interest and conversations around keywords like Google, Loretta (name of the main character in the commercial), Pringles, Pringles Commercial and Rick and Morty (name of the commercial's stars).


Hype for the commercials starts well before the Super Bowl, with 54% of Snapchatters reporting they check out the ads before the big game.

And, football isn't the only fun thing about Sunday, brands play an important role too — 64% of Snapchatters agree that brands make the Super Bowl more fun —  by airing ads that make them laugh (54%), highlighting causes they care about (18%) and connecting them with their families (17%).

During last year's game, 68% of Snapchatters used the app to share videos, images and reactions from the game as they were watching it live, with a majority (61%) sharing it directly with their friends and family through 1:10 messages.

Though things might look different this year, brands do stand a chance to score big by giving Snapchatters more opportunities to share their team spirit and react to the most buzzworthy moments of the day.

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