Instagram Lite launched in more than 170 countries

Users will be able to access Instagram Lite in both regular and dark modes, while some usual features have been either dropped in the lite version.

The social media giant announced that it will be launching a lite version of Instagram which shall allow users from more than 170 countries to access the app using minimal data, only 2 megabytes, vis-à-vis the regular version that necessitates 30 megabytes. Instagram Lite is being rolled out on Android devices and aims towards providing people living in rural and remote areas with a ‘high-quality experience’ without putting any internet constraints on the community.

The app retains the key features that people using entry-level devices want, including sending direct messages, recording, and posting images or videos, while it has given a prominent position to the Reels tab on the homepage. To keep the performance of the app within the internet limitations, Instagram removed some elaborated, data-rich animation features, such as cube transitions and the AR filters people use to click pictures. The users will further be unable to make Reels directly from the app or access the Shopping tab which exists in its normal version. However, it still includes GIFs and stickers under the stories and direct messaging section. The app does not include any advertisements as of now, stated a blog by Facebook.

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It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that the lite version of the app is not being rolled out. It was first launched in 2018 but was taken back in 2020. The app claimed that it shall introduce the lite app in a global space very soon.