Samosa Chat: Nisha Singhania on why being tolerant on social media is important

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Nisha Singhania

The latest episode of Samosa Chat featuring Infectious Advertising’s Nisha Singhania presents her unfiltered, bolder self where she puts down her thoughts about the perils of being yourself on social media, with some sass.

Make peace with the fact that you need to be tolerant because there are enough fools out there is what she believes in. There is no point in losing your cool on social media,” asserts Nisha Singhania, Co-Founder, Infectious Advertising as she reveals the myriad facets of her social media journey in Episode 3 of Samosa Chat.

She recollects that she made a Facebook account was because ‘everyone was on it’. Singhania observes how slowly but steadily these social media platforms took the world by storm and became an integral part of our lives.

“As one started using Facebook, we realize that it’s a great place to connect with friends who we lost touch with completely and didn’t have their numbers,” she shares.

On expressing the various amounts of information and personal anecdotes online, Singhania opines that one need not be unidimensional. You would express differently at different points in time because it depends on what you are feeling at the moment. You could be sharing something humorous or sometimes talk seriously.

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According to her, it has to be a combination of things because people are not unidimensional and express different emotions at different times. On her usage of social media platforms, Nisha shares that Facebook is her constant while she also keeps checking WhatsApp at regular intervals while she makes appoint to visit LinkedIn 3-4 times a day.

Singhania being fascinated with product designs keeps an eye out for beautiful art creation on social media and her recently adopted little cat gets the most limelight on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Watch the full video to know why Singhania wants to ban Twitter among the other social media platforms and her quick takes in the rapid fire round.

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