Amul Ice cream ads that are a delightful treat for the audience in summers

Amul Ice cream ads

Amul ice cream ads are successfully taking the legacy of Amul as a home brand forward. We bring to you some of the iconic Amul ice cream ads.

Amul ice cream was launched in 1996 in Gujarat. It spread nationally in 1999 and became India’s No 1 ice cream over a short period of time with a market share of 38%. To say the least, the advertising played a massive role in positioning the brand as the No 1 ice cream brand in India. 

Amul ice cream positioned itself in the market as “Real Milk, Real ice cream.” The brand undoubtedly achieved this image by bringing out ads that talked about the real milk quality of Amul ice cream. It is among those brands that have a jingle running since the beginning of its time. “Chalo Chalo” is the classic jingle to which Amul ice cream ads are meant to groove. 

As Amul has always been a “Har Ghar ka sathi”, Amul ice cream too ventured out on the type of advertising that has an emotional family connection to it. The advertisements were created keeping in mind not only that the Amul ice cream is real milk ice cream but also the family bond the customers feel with the brand. Therefore, ad campaigns like “Har ghar Amul ghar”, “Har bite mai Amul doodh”, “Chalo Chalo let’s go for an Amul ice cream”, and “Real Milk, Real Ice cream” were introduced in front of the customers. 

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Various ads of Amul ice cream displayed product-centric advertising where the viewers were bombarded with the wide range of ice cream flavors that Amul Ice cream has to offer. Ad featuring actress Kriti Sanon was one example of Amul ice cream’s product-centric advertising where the ad’s narrative ends with showcasing a wide range of Amul Ice cream flavors. 

Amul ice cream was also the first-ever brand that showcased people from all age groups and social status in their ads to position the product that can be consumed by “all.” Amul ice cream also displayed competitive advertising where the brand could be seen targeting other ice cream brands while calling them just a “frozen dessert.” 

In 2021, Amul ice cream is back with their iconic “Chalo Chalo” jingle and is asking consumers to welcome this summer with a delightful Amul ice cream treat. 

Let’s take a scoop of Amul Ice cream ad campaigns. 

Amul Ice cream – Chalo Chalo 2021

Har Bite Mai Amul Doodh

Fundoo Chakri

Amul Ice cream 2019 ad

Are you having an ice cream or frozen dessert?

Amul Ice cream statue

Cookie Sub

Amul Ice cream with Piku

Har Ghar Amul Ghar

2014 Real Milk, Real Ice Cream

Amul Ice cream Bars

Amul Ice Cream-2013

C’mon C’mon

Amul Ice Cream Chalo Chalo 2005


 Real Milk Real Ice cream

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