April Fool’s Day 2021 Campaigns that are all sorts of hilarious

April Fool's Day Campaigns

Play a trick on your gloomy mood, and scroll through these April Fool’s Day 2021 Campaigns, as brands attempt to leverage this day with ploys.

Unbelievable product innovations appear to be the star theme of April Fool’s Day 2021 campaigns and creatives, with a number of ideas that may have been flying away with the fairies but are pulled back on earth with narratives that pose as reasonable descriptions.

When cutting-edge technology from the future meets a deceiving theme and blends with the brand proposition, the result is these campaigns by ixigo, Ola Cabs, Razorpay, and Pepperfry on similar lines.

ixigo picks up a frightening element of air travel and intends to upgrade the experience with a new product, Pepperfry introduces financial fixtures and Razorpay banks on the currency of the future.

Ola Cabs continues to take April Fool’s Day seriously with the launch of Ola AirPro. The brand has had an eminent stint with this day, going to mind-boggling lengths to make the campaign credible at a time when viewers are so cautious that leaves too little or no scope for a surprise.

With comprehensive insights from eminent leaders of the company, rational representations, and detailed visuals, these campaigns live up to the repute of the day. Durex and Zomato introduce new products too, tapping on the need gap and consumer demand to package their campaign within today’s theme.

More brands swindle consumers with campaigns and creatives by integrating the theme in their brand communications.

PS: You’re a fool if you believe the pandemic is over. Wash your hands and wear a mask, don’t fool around with your and your loved ones’ lives.

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Smart Seat – ixigo

Ola AirPro – Ola Cabs

Pepperfry Mutual Fund – Pepperfry

MemePay – Razorpay

The Ultimate Tee – The Souled Store

Super Pets – Vedantu

The Joke Is On Us – MTV India

IVA – InVideo

FoodieBae – Zomato India

Spray-On Condom – Durex India

RIO Pads

Mumbai Police


Netflix India

Britannia Jim Jam

Burger King India

Wendy’s India



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