Burger King Campaigns flame-grilled in unconventional creativity under Fernando Machado's leadership

Paawan Sunam
Apr 05, 2021 14:36 IST
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Burger King Fernando Machado

From saying that a Burger King ad once made him "want to throw up in my mouth” to making an award-winning campaign that made a lot of people "throw up in their mouth", presenting a few of the best campaigns that former Global CMO of the brand, Fernando Machado has led, and how he fought the competition's bigger budgets with greater ideas.

Wrapping up a glorious stint of campaigns delivered by Burger King, Fernando Machado recently announced that he is moving on to lead marketing at Activision Blizzard, an American video game holding company that owns and operates studios that have produced games such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and more.

Burger King has produced some of the most engaging and award-winning campaigns under Machado's reign, acclaiming the campaigns with both critical and commercial success.

His honest-to-God insights and unorthodox or often counter-intuitive approach have also been able to deliver the individual primary objective of each campaign along with adding a competitive edge in the F&B sector that is dominated by big budgets.

David Miami has remained the primary agency that the brand has collaborated with on a frequent basis, under Machado's stint. 'Google Home Of The Whopper' is arguably the best campaign that has come out of this partnership.

The intrusive but intellectual campaign garnered 9.3 Bn global impressions, 135 Mn USD in earned media, remained a trending topic on YouTube Twitter, Facebook, and Google Trends, 'Most Talked About TV Spot' in Burger King's history.

The Moldy Whopper, which was led by Machado in collaboration with three agencies - David, Ingo, and Publicis, was the biggest winner of 2020. Winning 18 Gold Pencils, four Silver, one Bronze, and one Merit at The One Show 2020 alone.

Unpack the Burger King Campaigns, and smell Fernando Machado's glory.

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The Moldy Whopper

Scary Clown Night

Google Home Of The Whopper

Bullying Jr.

The Proud Whopper

The Whopper Detour


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