Indian Police uses social media to promote COVID-19 protocols

Police Covid

With a pinch of humour and pop culture references, the various Indian Police social media handles are effectively amplifying PSA messages.

The COVID-19 situation in India is grim and worsening with each passing day. With lockdown imposed in many cities of the country, the nation is trying hard to fight against the pandemic. Wearing face masks and following strict social distancing norms is the need of the hour. Thus, social media has stepped up as a medium that is effectively doing the job of enlightening people with what’s right and what’s wrong at this odd hour of a crisis. Social media accounts of various Indian Police departments have been doing their bid by urging people to stay indoors, practice social distancing and wear masks.

Mumbai police have been taking over Instagram and Twitter with their quirky and pop cultural reference posts. From bringing out creative posts with the tagline that says “What do mom and masks have in common?” to appreciating “Ghosting on friends for Good”, Mumbai Police has done it all to make their message of following guidelines quirky and crystal clear to the audience. 

Hopping onto the vital use of social media to spread awareness among people, Delhi Police has also been an active influencer on Twitter that constantly reminds people of following strict COVID-19 guidelines. With their digital campaign, “Each one, teach one and we achieve victory together”, Delhi Police is doing their bid to reach the audience digitally with the message to follow COVID-19 protocols.

Assam Police is also effectively using social media to aware people of the importance of masks and social distancing at the moment. With their funny and relevant meme posts, Assam Police is making Twitter a fun place to spread awareness about COVID-19 protocols. “Together, we shall overcome” and #MaskUpAssam is a digital campaign that is being run by the Assam Police on Twitter.

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Nagpur police also jumped onto the iconic way of telling people to wear masks by presenting a creative that awards “The mask” as the best supporting role. Also, how can someone forget about the iconic superhero narrative that was turned into a meme by Nagpur Police on their Twitter handle to address the correct way of wearing a mask?

Rajasthan Police has also been doing their part in spreading awareness in a different manner on their Twitter handle. With the posts that are light-hearted and aware public of not being a ‘Covidiot’ during the time of this global pandemic, Rajasthan Police is making their point of following COVID-19 guidelines to the public directly.

Social media is proving to be an essential resource at the time of this global pandemic and the Indian Police departments are surely using it well!