Instagram Reels: The top trends on the platform for this week

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Apr 16, 2021 14:30 IST
Instagram Reels Trends

As we commenced the weekly property of Instagram Reels’ Trends last Friday, here’s a dose of the top Instagram trends for this week that can be a part of marketing tactics for the brands in line with their personality and relevance.

Instagram Reels, is one of the windows to the snackable content format that is often leveraged by creators and brands, offered by the platform as a tool for engagement and short format videos. As we kickstarted our weekly property, last week, here’s the top three Instagram Reels’ Trend for this week, shared by the platform:

  • #BongoChaChaCha
  • #NesesariChallenge
  • #IkoIkoChallenge

As quirky as it might sound, #BongoChaChaCha is a global trend that is slowly catching up in India, according to Instagram and is based on the retro song of 'Bongo Cha Cha Cha. In this trend, people are creating expectation vs. reality videos while swaying to the ‘Bongo Cha Cha Cha’ tune in the backdrops along with timed text to show something that’s expected of them to do. As the bongo cha cha cha song goes, they change the text (or outfit) and show what they actually decided to do instead.

With this trend gaining prominence and kickstarting in India, brands can leverage the engaging tune and the process followed through engaging texts to highlight the product USPs without using too many texts. An organic, ayurvedic brand MyAroma 689, from the USA, utilized these tactics to highlight the personal care range of products.

#NesesariChallenge is another mimic-able dance choreography challenge and an extension to the #DontRushChallenge. Similar to the previous trend, Instagram witnesses people dancing to the tunes of the Nesesari song on Reels.

With another foot-tapping number, this trend can be leveraged by brands as a part of a content marketing strategy with an appropriate brand-influencer resonance and value. Besides celebrities and creators, brands can also adopt this with common people for engagement campaigns while highlighting their brand attributes.

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Several dance academies in the international markets seem to have leveraged the #NessesariChallenge, to showcase dynamic videos and display the talent as group performances.

For the IkoIkoChallenge, Instagram users are taking up a casual mimic challenge with their best friends and family members. As lockdown seems to engulf the nation with the second wave of the pandemic, people are searching for more avenues that involve groups for engagement and fun. The trends like this could be used by brands while aligning the Instagram Remix feature through creative ways for generating relevant conversations as they involve communities for the campaigns.

However, with more trends and evolving tools available on Instagram and other social platforms, it would be only fair when brands get onto the bandwagon of trends for relevant conversations in line with the brand personality. As we continue to explore more trends, let's keep an eye on interesting trends for engaging people in a way that creates an impact on the lives of the consumers.

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