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From weaving stories to driving conversions, brands started leveraging Instagram Reels trends since the time of inception. As we kickstart our weekly property with the top three Instagram trends for this week, we will explain how can brands create snackable content to reach consumers through the platform.

The advent of Instagram Reels, back in 2020, opened newer windows of opportunities with more trends for brands, marketers, and creators to explore the short-format videos for snackable content and marketing. As we commence our weekly property of Instagram trends for each week, we shall attempt to deep-dive and explain how brands could leverage these trends for engagement and more. With the dwindling attention span of the audience, these 15-30 seconds videos can act as a boon for the advertisers to communicate the brand message in a relevant and impactful manner. 

Time and again, start-ups to bigger brands have often leveraged Instagram Reels Trends from the time of its inception to get access to a wider audience. With a pool of interactive features on Instagram, and with ‘Remix’ being added as an additional tool, only paves the way for more collaborative efforts and showcasing creativity.

Each week, some challenges and trends are leveraged by users for engaging with each other. This week, the #ActingChallenge on Duncan Lawrence’s ‘Arcade’ song, #GotMeGood being performed on Ciara’s song with the same title, and #HideAndSeek challenge being done with the song 'Treasure' from Bruno Mars top the trends’ chart as per Instagram data.

While the #ActingChallenge showcases how quickly the users can change their expressions on reels, for #GotMeGood people attempt to showcase how differently they can react in different situations while doing a signature ‘hook’ step, followed by the #HideAndSeek Challenge. Here, people play hide and seek where they set their camera's timer on and quickly run to hide. If they make it on time, they won't be in the picture. At the end of the reel, people share the final picture, if they made it or not.

These Instagram Reels’ trends hold significance to tell stories and engage with the people as they continue to look for more avenues of entertainment and original content. We take a look at how brands are leveraging these top trends to reach more target audiences for marketing purposes and more.

For the #GotMeGood Instagram trend, Trulymadly, a dating app leveraged influencer strategy for outreach, awareness and to communicate the brand message. Satshyaa, as the influencer in the short video, presented a gist of how the dating app can be helpful to find the right love match for the users.

If there is a brand-influencer resonance, this collaboration can help the brand to reach the target audience in dynamic ways. Influencer collaboration could be further amplified through discounts and coupons offered by the brand.

The brands can leverage these trends through relatable posts for marketing their product. This can especially help the small businesses and the new brands for promotion. Another brand leveraged the #GotMeGood Reels’ trend to promote their Gourmet snacks and premium range of tea products

Another brand, Tastemade India, leveraged the trend to showcase their hot cross bun recipe for the global community of food and travel lovers through visual appeal and features provided by the platform.

Short videos with bright hues and animation capped with the ‘Remix’ feature of Instagram can also work well to engage the users for the brands.

A cooking show for all ages based in Santa Barbara California adopted this technique with the trend of #ActingChallenge as a part of its platform marketing efforts in a fun and engaging manner.

Oftentimes, animation coupled with brand messages for causes, have worked well for campaigns in the industry. This technique can be used by brands leveraging the trend.

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A lot of entrepreneurs also lapped on to the opportunity of the #GotMeGood trend to promote the owned brands. To do this, they combined the brand attributes and the song to communicate the message. 

Infusing personal influence in creative ways could be another tactic that can be leveraged by brands as they attempt to utilize Instagram Reels trends to drive meaningful conversations.

To engage the customers, some local brands even involved storytelling with games for the #HideAndSeek Challenge. Gamification, as a tool, also helps in quality brand engagement. This can be effectively leveraged by brands as a marketing tactic.

Further, creators provide more content pieces of entertainment while showcasing ways of utilizing the Instagram trends for engagement activities.

All said and done, it is important for brands to get on to the bandwagon of trends, only when they have a resonance with them to communicate relevant content and message to the target audience. As it only makes sense when brands communicate messages with some substance and essence, instead of getting on to every trend that comes on the way. So, tactfully leveraging these Instagram trends layered with creativity and appropriate communication can work well in the A & M Industry.

To sum it up, brands can leverage these Instagram trends to create snackable content for engagement, through relatable posts while collaborating with the influencers as a part of their content marketing strategy, depending on the brand-influencer resonance. Further, involving visual elements and personal touch/influence capped with Reels' feature for causes and more, usually go a long way in establishing a connect with the consumers.

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