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Vodafone IPL Campaigns

Remember the time when everyone watching IPL went "Zumi Zumi" during the commercial breaks? Courtesy of the infamous ZooZoos who took over the crowds through Vodafone campaigns during IPL. Here we scroll back to the most popular campaigns featuring the folks.

Even if the language spoken by ZooZoos was not understandable, brand communications by Vodafone managed to be easily understood, with their IPL campaigns explaining each product offering in a crystal clear manner.

The adverts seamlessly establish the brand's offerings with eccentric narratives that capture the viewers' attention. The brand integration is primarily focussed on in the climax of each advert, giving enough space for the narrative to breathe, and enough time for the audience to enjoy the ZooZoos outlandish escapades.

ZooZoos were first introduced during the second season of IPL (2008). The brand rolled out a total of thirty adverts extending the 'Happy To Help' brand proposition featuring the out-of-this-world egg-shaped characters.

Ogilvy India was briefed to create characters that were distinct enough to be noticed. Prakash Varma from Nirvana Films had once busted a common myth that every viewer believed. The characters were not animated, they were humans in bodysuits, in a space designed to create that illusion.

Practical problems such as tailoring outfits that the humans can move around in, gestures and body language that does not resemble humans, speed of shooting, the body suit's shape, backdrops, and all other issues had to be dealt with, to create the adverts that look effortless.

But the efforts paid off. According to a Zenith research published in 2012, Neo@Ogilvy (the digital arm of O&M) responsible for managing ZooZoo’s Facebook brand ZooZoo fan page had claimed that the page had received around 2.6 million page views in comparison to only 0.5 million of

The popularity of ZooZoos brought them back for more seasons of IPL, and many more campaigns by Vodafone.

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ZooZoo Dare Show

Cricket Commentary

Zumi Zumi

ZooZoos Got Talent

ZooZoo Bigg House

ZooZoo Safari

Super Cheer

ZooZoo Fitness Show

ZooZoo Quiz Show

ZooZoo Sky Shop

ZooZoo Film Shoot

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