From Mussoorie to Social Media: 87 years of storytelling by Ruskin Bond

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Ruskin Bond

We take a look at how Ruskin Bond uses social media to keep up with the evolving times whilst enjoying the serenity and aloofness of the mountains in his beautiful hometown of Mussoorie, teaching us all the much needed balance while using social media.

The iconic and beloved storyteller of all time, Ruskin Bond turns 87 today. With his books that read tales of heartwarming stories and are weaved with love and passion for his writing, Ruskin Bond has been a heartwarmer for many decades. Enjoying his life peacefully amidst the mountains the writer never really felt the need to make himself available to his fans on any social media platforms.

Only a few years ago, Ruskin bond finally decided to make his debut on various social media platforms to bless his fans with his sweet presence. Today, on his birthday let's take a look at how he leverages various social media platforms to be a great influencer while staying true to who he is and what he stands for.

Bond's not-so-secret personal life on social

From sharing his old throwback pictures to sharing lovely moments spent with his family, Ruskin Bond keeps on giving fans a reason to smile. His oh-so-positive highlights of the day shared as posts on his social media platforms entail moments of precious happiness.

Giving effective communication voice to various brands

Taking the baton in his hands, Ruskin Bond has given voice to various brands that have dabbled in storytelling for both, marketing and communication purposes. From Penguin India Unluclass to Audible, the writer has given his voice to various campaigns and initiatives. He was also a part of lockdown campaigns done by many brands as they attempted to help consumers through this difficult time.

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Being his own PR person

One would definitely witness the writer himself being his absolute great admirer. He effectively uses social media to spread the word about his new book launches. From posting book covers to sharing snippets of his stories, Ruskin Bond does it all to keep his fans hooked.

Reflecting the feel of his stories on social media

Ruskin Bond's stories are usually sweet nothings that share slice-of-life anecdotes. His social media does the same, creating the same warm glow that his books do - right from his afternoon naps to his favourite beef stew, his joy in simple things of life are reflected on his social media. Not only does the writer stay true to his values but also gives a lesson in how it is important to give consumers an experience through social media.

While many anticipated that the writer created a social media account as a part of a marketing gimmick for his books, he has managed to prove that even when marketing, brands, influencers, and even individuals can stay true to themselves without falling prey to the pressure of all things trending.

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