5 key takeaways from creators on Content Diversification

Content diversification

The creator community sheds light on how content diversification is the key and that every social media platform requires a unique approach for the unique set of audience it caters to.

Content Diversification across platforms – what does it mean and how do you achieve it?

To begin with, it is important to understand that social media is no longer limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. It includes Moj and Memechat and Clubhouse and the host of apps that sprung since the success (and subsequent ban in India) of TikTok. The audience on each of these platforms is different and the best way to cater to them is with tailored content.

Gautam Madhavan, Founder, and CEO – Mad Influence, Content creators Aadil Khan & Surabhi – Samriddhi share learnings from their journey, helping understand the varied aspects of creating content on different platforms.

Here are 5 key takeaways from the discussion:

1. Audience Diversity

Every platform has a diverse set of audiences and is significant for the creators and influencers to create content that suits their varied demands and tastes according to that particular platform. For instance, YouTube’s audience is way different than what Moj or Instagram Reels’ audience consumes.

Aadil ensures that he plays around with shorter edits on Instagram and long-form content on Youtube. There are very few instances when he populates the same kind of both the channels as the audience varies on each platform. Moj has more Tier III and Tier IV audiences, while Instagram is more about Tier I & II audiences.

2. Need for Content Diversification

Gautam reminds us that during this time last year TikTok disappeared from the country. According to him, TikTok brought in diversity in content by not only giving a dedicated platform to make videos but also giving people an opportunity to meet and explore new talent, fans, and followers. “It gave birth to new creators and gave them an opportunity to earn,” he said

He added further, “Reels is the new TikTok for India and the global market. Content diversification has gone from long format to short format. We don’t have the time to watch 3-5 minutes of content from a mass perspective.”

Aadil believes that today, creators need to be present on every social media platform and prepare for the worst as anything can get banned or a new platform can get launched any time of the day. “Earlier people were only on YouTube or Tiktok. After the Tiktok ban, people are trying to explore multiple new things. They are trying to expand as much as possible. “

Meanwhile, Surabhi Samriddhi experiments with long and short-form video both simultaneously while also creating content for YouTube.

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3. Picking the Right Platform for the Right Content

Surabhi-Samriddhi think that YouTube content needs time, thus, Instagram Reels and short-form content platforms can be leveraged to move their audience to YouTube to view the longer edits. On YouTube, they prefer doing long videos that involve production and preparation.

Gautam opines that nobody wants to see the same content on all channels and therefore creators need to take a call on where short-form works and the long-form thrives.

For Aadil, YouTube is meant for churning out his long-form dance videos where he has a fixed set of consumers while on Instagram Reels shorter edits and experiential videos work the best.

4. Dynamics of branded content

When discussed brand associations and partnerships, Gautam elucidated that brands should not only focus on the budgets for influencer marketing, it can go as low as ten thousand. End of the day it is about the target audience, a lifestyle creator can also promote a mobile. “A lot of tags and bigger logos actually spoil the campaign,” he added.

5. Lastly, what works?

While Gautam shared that YouTube tends to have a more loyal audience, Adil pointed out that the audience decides the content, and that they get to know what they like through comments and engagement. For Surabhi and Samriddhi, trending and original content both work.

The speakers shared the Live Stage on Day 1 of Social Samosa’s marque property SM Live.