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The Sherni marketing strategy revolves around challenging gender stereotypes, patriarchy, and the tigress on the prowl. We take a deeper look into the movie marketing tactics.

Set in the backdrop of social barriers and the patriarchal society, Sherni was recently released on Amazon Prime. As Vidya Vincent navigates through the mundane nature of her government job to track a tigress on the prowl, we deep-dive into Sherni Marketing Strategy and how it attempts to keep buzzing even post-release.

Directed by Amit Masurkar, the Sherni marketing strategy follows the journey of Vidya Vincent to battle obstacles and pressures by humankind as well as the natural adversities, harping on the brand value of Vidya Balan. The prime hashtags used for the marketing include #Sherni and #SherniOnPrime amongst others.

Poster Launch

It started with poster releases, leveraging the intrigue of the jungle in the backdrop with animal prints and more, in line with the theme of the movie.

Teaser Release

Trailer Launch

Balan and Prime announced the launch of the trailer when it was released on June 2, 2021.

In Bollywood style, the marketing strategy put focus on the title track of the movie.

Main Sherni

She is your #Sherni

Taking the theme of a fearless ‘Sherni’ ahead, the marketers released a campaign where Balan urged people to share a special message for the #Shernis of your lives.

Dialogues and BTS

To showcase the metamorphosis of Vidya Vincent, Amazon Prime launched dialogue snippets and short videos. Director, Amit Masurkar attempted to share behind-the-scenes glimpses through static images of the making of the movie.

Time For Battle

The Sherni

The Director's Cut

The making of Sherni involved many real people as well as some new actors and Masurkar along with the cast. They promoted the BTS moments with these people to continue building on the conversations around the movie.


With a clarion call and the hashtag #SherniAaRahiHai, Balan went Live on Instagram with Sumukhi a day before the film release to interact with the viewers in real-time and announce the film release on 18th June 2021.

Brand Collaborations

Sherni x Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Shot in the greenery of MP, Sherni collaborated with Madhya Pradesh Tourism to promote the jungle trails, the natural beauty, and the travel experience of the state.

The campaign praises the beauty of the forests of MP led by Vidya.

Sherni x Tiger Balm

Sherni collaborated with its namesake brand in Hindi, Tiger Balm. To build conversations, the brand launched the #ToughAsATiger contest, urging people to share their fearless/challenging moments to unleash the #Sherni within.

Sherni x MediBuddy

Saluting the 'Shernis' from the healthcare industry, the #MediBuddySherni campaign extended gratitude towards the women frontline warriors battling COVID-19 woes and so much more, through this co-branded initiative.

Sherni x mCaffeine

In line with the characteristics of the Sherni, the brand seemingly aligned with mCaffeine and collaborated for the film.


Sherni x Dolby Audio


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Commemorating the Shernis

Raising a toast to the resilience, courage, and strength of the Femme Fatales, the Amazon Prime marketing team shared an array of videos celebrating the ‘Shernis’ from the Amazon Prime team to the industry's corporate women leaders.

Amazon Prime Show Shernis

Shernis of Amazon India


The Corporate Shernis


Content Marketing Across Social Channels

Further, there were collaborations with influencers, channels, and platforms to propagate the communication. This included influencer and RJ interviews with Vidya Balan, Masurkar sharing a sneak-peek around writing Sherni, fun posts around the topic, and conversations on new platforms such as Clubhouse.

Ft. Mostly Sane

TTT Official on Smashing patriarchy

The #Hows & More of writing Sherni

Interview with Filmy Mirchi

The marketers aimed to keep the theme of Sherni alive post-release as Balan led interviews with various channels and brands.

Moments & Memes

The meme world captured some of the relatable dialogues, paving way for organic buzz through brand features and memers' witty posts.

22, 2021

Sherni x Amul

Known for its topical posts and moments, Amul featured a Sherni post in tandem with the theme post the release of the film.

Not just Balan but Abundantia Entertainment also raised a hat to laud all the Shernis or women protagonists from its past movies through a series of ode to Shernis with the film name.

Fan Art

Tapping on to the sentiments around the film, the fans did not leave a stone unturned to appreciate through fan art around the movie.

Influencers/Celebs Reacts

The marketing strategy of Sherni in the digital world harped on word-of-mouth and influencer reactions to garner more reach and awareness about the film, even post-release.

Most of the tactics revolve around relatable moments, celebrating the resilient spirit of the inner ‘Shernis’ and dauntless acts to etch indelible marks in the lives of the people and society, at large.

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