Keeping the mystery alive: The role of marketing strategy in The Family Man Season 2

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The Family Man Season 2 marketing strategyThe Family Man Season 2 marketing strategy

Taking cues from the last season, the Family Man Season 2 marketing strategy is a mix of content and influencer marketing with Srikant Tiwari at the helm, keeping curiosity around all the open ends of Season 1 going.

After months of speculations and delays, The Family Man Season 2 released on Amazon Prime. As Srikant Tiwari gets ready to face another potent antagonist, we deep-dive into the Family Man Season 2 marketing strategy.

As the series unravels newer mysteries, the movie marketers harp on pertinent moments and characters to create social media buzz. The prime hashtags used for the marketing strategy include #TheFamilyMan #TheFamilyManOnPrime, and #TheFamilyManS2.

Poster Release

With a dedicated Instagram page, the Family Man Season 2 marketing commenced with the poster releases, based on intrigue and thrill in January 2021. Keeping Manoj Bajpayee as the face, the post followed a thematic representation of a coded release date.

As a part of the initiatives and to build on the recall factor, the makers brought season one for free on Amazon Prime.

Moosa - Dead or Alive?

Moosa the antagonist in The Family Man Season 1. Taking a cue from the previous season, Amazon Prime released a video to build on the intrigue for the upcoming series with the theme of - “Is Moosa really dead?.”

Srikant Kaha Hai Campaign

The marketers continued to pre-buzz the release with the ‘Srikant Kaha Hai’. Taking from where the series had left, the initiative aimed to build on the curiosity of the whereabouts of the protagonist, Srikant Tiwari. As #SrikantKahaHai trended on Twitter, the makers presented viewers with an opportunity to be a part of the quest while urging them to dial a queer phone number to help them find Srikant.

This was followed by the voice of Bajpayee on the call where he shares that he’s busy but with the hope of meeting soon. As soon as the caller kept the phone, they would receive a link, redirecting them to Prime’s YouTube channel.

Prime Video continued to harp on the reach and shared similar social media posts featuring the quest for finding Srikant continues. 

With the onset of the second wave, the producers were already in cautious mode. The non-release of the trailer on the due date led to the belief that the new season might get postponed. Adding to this, Amazon Prime's Tandav got caught in the ire of political controversy. Soon, the makers announced the postponement of the release to a later date.

Trailer Release

After much anticipation, the brand continued from where they had left with a trailer release announcement.

As the trailer was launched, the makers also announced the release date of the show in the comments section.


Soon, the series was embroiled in a controversy where the government and some citizens of Tamil Nadu objected to the series release over the portrayal of Eelam Tamilians, supposedly hurting the Tamil culture and the community.

Understanding the sentiments of the audience, Raj and DK shared how the team was cognizant about the issue and have made sincere efforts to bring another riveting story to life with the new season.

Dialogue Snippets

The marketers shared a series of posts with a combination of humor and mystery in line with the core themes of the show.

Don’t Be Minimum Guy

How to Negotiate with Your Father?

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Pooling in Industry Influencers

Amazon Prime Video India launched the #TheFamilyManJobHunt campaign. The idea was to explore the storyline of Shrikant finding a new job to appease his wife who wasn't fond of the dangers of his old job. To kickstart the campaign, Manoj Bajpayee took to social media asking for a corporate job. 'Srikant' even mentioned in the posts that it is for the sake of the happiness of his wife.

This activity followed a trail of social media conversations with brand leaders such as Ankur Warikoo from Nearbuy, Kabeer Biswas from Dunzo, Ritesh Agarwal from OYO, and Manu Kumar Jain from Xiaomi, amongst others who all offered to interview Shrikant for a job opening.





The campaign further looped in various brands and influencers, to enhance the reach of the new series.

Social Media Profiles

Not just the campaigns but the marketers also leveraged the social media handle bios to redirect users to the show.

The Family Man 2 marketing strategy- Twitter bio

While Amazon Prime Video's Twitter bio highlighted a dialogue from the trailer about Srikant feeling FOMO, the brand’s Instagram profile attempted to amplify Srikant’s job hunt campaign.

The Family Man 2 marketing strategy- Instagram bio

The OTT platform leveraged Facebook cover image to highlight the series.

May be an image of 8 people, people standing and text that says "THE FAMILY MAN S2 DOM EK MINI KATHA NEW STORIES ALL ALLUNDER UNDER ONE ROOF Û NOW primevideo video amazon WATCH"

The brand even leveraged a YouTube Masthead to bring the spotlight to the latest series.


A Perfect Family Man?

True to its name and continuing with its theme, the Family Man Season 2 marketing strategy revolved around showcasing the various facets of a family man. The variety of roles enamored by him as daddy cool, a husband, and a friend, apart from being a working professional.

Perfect Husband

The Daddy Cool

Content Marketing

Harping on the previous season, the marketers also touched upon important scenes and situations such as alluding towards Suchi’s (Srikant’s wife) work trip to Lonavala.

What happened in Lonavala

Trending Formats

The makers leveraged some trending formats on social media as part of the marketing strategy.

What are we eating?

Catching on the nuances like Srikant Tiwari and his love for Vada Pav, Amazon Prime released an engagement video that was intended at tapping on one of the trends of guessing food when blindfolded. 

Cross-Overs: Lalit Meets Srikant

True to Amazon Prime's brand identity, the makers launched a cross-over video where Lalit meets Srikant, adding on to the chatter of what to expect in the next season.


Amazon Prime kept up the meme-game with relatable posts.

To Sum It Up

Amidst many challenges and delays, as the latest season manages to release on 4th June, The Family Man Season 2 marketing strategy involved picking up character nuances and pertinent moments from the last season, helmed by Manoj Bajpayee. In an attempt to build curiosity, the crime drama brought some gnawing questions back from the previous season, keeping the engagement going.

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