Case Study: How Duroflex World Sleep Day campaign used nostalgia to own conversations around 'sleep'

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Jul 13, 2021 06:34 IST
Duroflex Sounds of Sleep campaign

As part of the Duroflex World Sleep Day campaign, the brand collaborated with Indian singers, mom bloggers, other celebrities to bring nostalgic lullabies and highlight their relevance for good sleep.

With the 'Sounds of Sleep' digital series, for the Duroflex World Sleep Day campaign, the brand aimed to spread the relevance of quality sleep and own social media conversations around sleep and mattresses.

Category Introduction

The mattress category in India (Retail) is estimated to be around INR 10,000 Cr, out of which approximately 40% is the branded segment which is nearly INR 4000 Cr and is growing at a rate of 8-10% year on year.

In the last 2 years, online has emerged as one the fastest-growing channels for the branded segment and is changing consumer behavior, like for most other categories. Today, the online mattress segment in India is around INR 400 Cr. but it is growing at 50% CAGR year on year.

Brand Introduction

Touted to be helping India sleep better for over 5 decades, Duroflex as a brand brings a product offering of a wide range of premium mattresses and sleep accessories. With over five decades of expertise, it aims to redefine the meaning of quality sleep. Its signature range – Duropedic is India’s first and only certified orthopedic mattress range.

Duroflex as a brand has attempted to play the role of a sleep coach and intends to bring awareness about important health facets around sleep patterns and more.

Duroflex World Sleep Day Campaign - Summary

World Sleep Day has over the years gained importance globally and has become the day, all media and brands bring awareness about sleep and its critical role in one's wellbeing. This year Duroflex wanted to own this day for 2021 and connect the TG to a universally popular zone of music which was never done before for the category. The brand took a content route derived from the consumer insights to explore music as a sleep aid with India’s digital music series on lullabies - Duroflex Sounds of Sleep.

The brand selected classic regional lullabies from across India and recreated them into a digital music series to help new age, millennial parents to soothe their babies and help induce sleep. Hosted by popular film & theatre actor, philanthropist, and mother Kalki Koechlin, the first season comprises six regional lullabies with one lullaby released every week culminating in the period leading to Mother’s Day. The lullabies were sung by six singers from across the country to take audiences back to their cultural roots. The Duroflex awareness and engagement campaign was amplified across social channels for mass reach.

Problem Statement/Objective

As the brand aimed to help India sleep better, Duroflex wanted to spread the message of good sleep in a distinguished, creative, and impactful manner. By exploring music as a sleep aid at a time when sleep is needed the most, the brand wanted to revive, celebrate, and recreate India’s rich tradition of regional lullabies which is a proven relaxation technique that helps induce sleep. Duroflex wanted to revive lullabies in a digitally convenient way for new-age parents looking to inculcate healthy pre-sleep routines for their loved ones.


Sleep has been an important pillar of health and with the onset of the pandemic, Duroflex helped at driving this conversation through its various initiatives and helping people improve their sleep habits.

Amongst the TG – the young parents, parents-to-be & millennials at large had the most disrupted sleep routines. Fears of getting the virus, financial and economic worries, and the pressures of schooling children while working from home, all concerns now familiar to many, have been the source of losing sleep, also resulting in insomnia in many. The brand decided to reach out to this vulnerable age group through India’s First music Series on Sleep – Duroflex Sounds of Sleep.

Creative Idea

With parents all over the world using lullabies to soothe young ones and put them to sleep peacefully since thousands of years and with science and multiple studies proving that children of all ages sleep better after listening to lullabies, Duroflex launched a music digital series called Sounds of Sleep. The brand curated a collection of classic regional lullabies from across India celebrating and reviving pre-sleep routines.

Through this property, the brand paved a way for new-age parents to soothe their babies to sleep with renditions of classic lullabies from various parts of the country. The first episode of the six-episode series was released on March 19th i.e., World Sleep Day, and culminated in the period leading to Mother’s Day.


Shooting the lullabies with the artists and musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic making sure all precautions and safety measures are taken.


The marketing campaign for the Duroflex 'Sounds of Sleep' digital series started with #ComingSoon posts and teasers. This was followed by social media posts about lullabies and their relevance to creating the sounds of sleep.

The brand released the teaser trailer to increase curiosity about the Duroflex Sounds of Sleep digital series. Duroflex chose six classic and popular lullabies from various regions across the country along with the six talented artists, to recreate the lullabies for Duroflex Sounds of Sleep Season 1. The series was hosted by popular film & theatre actor, philanthropist, and mother Kalki Koechlin.

This six-episode series featured prominent Indian singers like Monali Thakur, Shilpa Rao, Chinmayi Sripada, Sanah Moidutty, Shalmali Kholgade, Geetha Madhuri. The first episode premiered on World Sleep Day, March 19th on the brand’s YouTube channel and social platforms. The property was also co-hosted on Sony Music India’s social channels, as well.

Every Friday, a new episode of the six-part series was released in a different language which included Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi across IGTV, YouTube, and other channels.

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To amplify it further, Duroflex collaborated with celebrities and influencer parents on the internet who shared their personal childhood stories and emotions that the lullabies evoked in them which included Rannvijay Singha, Smriti Khana, Harshdeep Singh, B Paraak, Neeraj Madhavan, Barkha Sen Gupta.

These celebrities were seen singing these lullabies and encouraging people to share their favourites to create a chain of conversations through UGC around the subject.

As part of the Duroflex Sounds Of Sleep digital series' campaign, the brand further roped in Mom bloggers across India, who spoke about the property and the power of lullabies.

Further, parents from across the country engaged and shared their favorite renditions and memories related to lullabies making the #DuroflexSoundsOfSleep trend on Twitter on World Sleep Day. The conclusion of Season 1 coincided well with paving the way for celebrations galore on Mother’s Day on 9th May.



  • Views: 22 Mn+
  • Earned Media of over 3 Cr.
  • 70,000 interactions on social media


  • Organic shares of the campaign on platforms like LinkedIn by top marketing executives to garner more positive sentiments and increasing its visibility in the category.
  • The brand trended on Twitter for the first time

CMO Quotes

Smita Murarka, Chief Marketing Officer, Duroflex Pvt. Ltd., said, “The six weeks of the campaign has been very exciting for the brand. The multitude of collaborations and the immense response and feedback have made Season 1 of Duroflex Sounds of Sleep a very special memory for the brand.  We are happy that the season culminates with Mother’s Day making the whole concept even more special. Every mother in her own way has a special lullaby for her child and this series touched the right chords as it’s the one link that is passed down from generations. We aim to continue to introduce such unique and creative initiatives to reach out to as many people from all across the country and spread the message of the importance of good quality sleep.”

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