A look at India Inc’s PSA moment to eliminate COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

brand vaccination campaigns

In a bid to encourage the masses to get vaccinated, Indian brands have come forward to spread awareness around vaccination drives through initiatives and campaigns that urge users to get jabbed.

After waves of COVID-19, vaccination is the only way forward for a better tomorrow. However, looking at the sizeable amount of administered vaccines to date compared to the vast population of the country, it is evident that the hesitancy towards the COVID-19 vaccine looms large. Identifying the gap, vaccination campaigns by brands have taken it upon themselves to educate people about the significance of getting jabbed and why it’s the need of the hour.

A number of factors including misconceptions around COVID-19, lack of awareness, unavailability of slots and vaccine stocks, and technological divide amount to fewer people getting vaccinated. Indian Inc. is actively contributing to tackling the issues and eliminate vaccine hesitancy. From introducing in-app vaccine slot booking options to incentivizing vaccine takers to creating challenges for consumers to partake, Indian brands like Paytm, Kamdhenu Paints, Godrej, and Tata Tea have rolled their sleeves to get people to the vaccination centers.

Paytm #GetShotGo

The Vaccine Finder is one of the many services that Paytm has started as part of its COVID-19 relief measures. The company claims that over the last several weeks Paytm users have booked vaccination slots via the Paytm app. It had earlier launched advanced filtering options for its Vaccine Finder that help the user generate personalized leads including information such as the type of vaccine available and the fee charged for it.

Paytm came up with the #GetShotGo anthem to encourage the masses to get vaccinated. To ensure the message reaches everyone across India, the anthem has been launched in several regional languages. To create awareness about vaccination Paytm has taken the campaign to various platforms including social media portals as well as print ads in leading newspapers across different regions. 


MakeMyTrip rolled out new functionality on its mobile app to allow customers to book their vaccination slot through its app, download, and link the vaccination certificate to their profile to avail of special travel offers. The initiative is a step towards supporting vaccination drive while making travel hassle-free and more rewarding for vaccinated travelers.

Kamdhenu Paints

Kamdhenu Paints announced the launch of a social media campaign #ProtectionHaiZaruri that talks about the importance of protection from COVID-19 with vaccination and Exterior Walls with Kamdhenu Exterior Emulsions. The campaign is driven by the insight that vaccination offers a strong degree of protection against the virus and everyone must get themselves inoculated at the earliest possible to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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Domino’s India

The brand has come up with a nationwide campaign called #HaathBadhaoIndia #VaccineLagaoIndia aimed to highlight that vaccination will lead us to a better tomorrow.


mCaffeine‘s ‘#GetTheGoodDose’ initiative aims to encourage millennials to get the vaccine and emphasizes upon all Indians who are 18 years and older to take the jab. To further foster this sense of social responsibility, anyone who is 18 and above and pledges to get vaccinated on their website, will earn a token of appreciation through their best seller Espresso Coffee Bathing Bar on orders worth INR 699/-

Godrej Security Solutions

In the month of June, Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) launched special offers for customers who took the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on their range of CSIR certified UV cases and Home Lockers. Vaccinated customers were entitled to a 10% discount on these products just by connecting with the company’s sales team on their WhatsApp number.

Apart from that, Godrej Appliances have introduced a special offer of 6 months extended warranty free on purchase of all products, across all channels, for customers who have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dosage.

Tata Tea

Tata Tea launched its latest edition of #JaagoRe, Iss Baar #SabKeLiye #JaagoRe urging people to lend a helping hand to those who have been a support in our daily life. Taking an extension from last year’s initiative Iss Baar #BadonKeLiye #JaagoRe, Iss Baar #SabKeLiye #JaagoRe aims to sensitize people and urge them to help those who may need support in their COVID-19 vaccination journey.

The campaigns attempt to drive more footfall to vaccination centers. This isn’t the first time India has leveraged advertising to eradicate a disease. The country’s success with Polio eradication and AIDS awareness is a testimony to how a single good campaign can help make a huge difference.