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Tales that spread positivity and celebrate the endless deeds that our parents do have been projected in a much simplified way along with creatives and campaigns.

No doubt, parents play the most imperative role in our lives, and National Parents’ Day honors them on the fourth Sunday in July, every year. It is an opportunity for children to express their gratitude towards thank them for their hard work and love. Brands too marked the occasion with narratives of gratitude and joy.

BYJU'S took to this occasion and managed to highlight almost every moment where our mother and father contribute to our success whereas, Amazon created a short video highlighting the best heartwarming moments with parents in a multi-video campaign.

Also,, YouTube India, and Tatacapital took to Instagram and shared posts dedicated to parents with some gratifying notes.

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Many brands have taken to social media to share real-life stories and testimonials from people who have dedicated their lives towards taking care of their senior family members no matter what, as our parents did when we were younger.

These stories are a wonderful initiative that reinforces brand identity while leveraging the occassion. Here's how different brands honored the ones who do everything to raise and protect their children.

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