Snapchat launches a certification program for marketers

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Snapchat marketers program

The practice-based certification program for Snap Focus will provide practical exercises to marketers to enable them with the expertise required for effective advertising on Snapchat.

For the unacquainted Snap Focus is the official learning portal for marketers by Snapchat that offers basic and skill-based specialization courses; the new certification program will help advertisers to learn marketing best practices and deeper learnings into Snapchat Ads Manager.

'Snapchat Ads Manager Campaign Activation' will qualify marketers to develop full-funnel media plans, gain audience insights, and activate cross-channel measurements, with the hands-on application through practices before being certified.

The program will also provide an understanding of the workflows and plan of action required, along with insights into the efficient use of Snapchat tools to launch campaigns to attain desired results.

The five-course certification program helps media planners, buyers, and strategists, looking to advertise on Snapchat.

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The five courses incorporate these learning objectives:

Full-Funnel results with Snapchat

Create a full-funnel media plan to attain campaign objectives based on budget, flighting, and audience.

Bids in the Auction

Specify delivery goals, budget caps, and bidding strategy to win bids in the auction, as per the budget, objective, and KPIs.

Reach Audiences

Explore lookalike audiences or additional demographics with Audience Insights to build audience segments, and gather useful insights.

Activate Cross-Channel Measurement

Build action-based audience segments and track post-ad conversions on a website, app, or in-store by implementing Snap Pixel, Snap App ID, and the Conversions API.

Launch a Split-Test Campaign

Build a split-test campaign on Ads Manager, and run the winning ad set by testing and scaling the ad set with the best performing audiences, creatives, placements, and bid goals.

SnapChat Marketers program Certification