YouTube Updates: Channel Page Layout experiment & Video Description

YouTube channel

YouTube is developing a few updates that alter how creator videos and channel page appear to the users, with an aim to improve the viewer experience.

The Channel Page Layout experiment by YouTube will only be available selectively, and the video description change will go through a gradual rollout.

Video Description

YouTube has been adding new sections to the video descriptions, such as auto-chapters or Featured Games, the platform is further changing how the video description appears if there are additional sections.

The video description will appear at the top of the panel, and the display text with additional sections would appear below, which can be viewed by clicking the ‘Read More’ button. The has begun rolling out on Android and iOS.

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Channel Page Layout

YouTube will be experimenting with various channel page layouts in the coming weeks with alterations in the visual elements, with an objective to better showcase creator information while improving the usability of the mobile experience.

These changes are not permanent, it’s an experiment in the testing phase and would be visible to users selectively.

2-Step Verification

Starting November 1, all creators who are a part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) will be obligated to enable two-step verification to access Studio.

Once YPP creators have set up two-step verification on their Google account, each time they sign in to YouTube Studio, they will need to enter their password, along with a verification code sent to them.

The additional verification is an attempt to prevent bad actors from being able to access the creators’ account if they get their hands on the password, and they won’t be able to sign in to the account. Creators can set up the two-step verification here.