Case Study: How Dairy Milk Silk created a personalized experiential audio experience on Spotify

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The #CaseStudy explores how Spotify and Dairy Milk Silk recreated the magic of mixtapes with personalised playlists that had a hidden message of love, creating an experiential audio experience as a means to reach-out to the consumers during the pandemic.


The first COVID-19 lockdown had the country in a lurch. Like everyone else, couples too were separated by this unseen enemy. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk banked on this insight to reach out to Gen Z with the language of love through an audio campaign, enabled by Spotify. The idea was to reach out to consumers on the platforms they’re most active on while making Silk a part of the love story of young Gen Zs and millennials. 

Creative Idea

You can’t lock(down) the love - Spotify and Dairy Milk Silk kept this intriguing thought at the core of the campaign. Gen Zs spend an average of 1.7 hours per day streaming Spotify and romance is a top category for them. The brand thus decided to curate a special experiential audio experience that users could relate to and express in a language they connect with - music


Spotify created a digital experience for Dairy Milk Silk in the form of a custom site built using Spotify’s API. Spotify Streaming Intelligence was used to target listeners through audio and video ads and they were led to this experiential site on clicking the ads. Once on the site, they could send a special playlist to their special someone along with a little message of love. 

The lovestruck were not just given a chance to send a message, but Spotify’s algorithms also created a special playlist where the first letter of every song name in the playlist spelled out their message of love. 

Taking the engagement quotient higher, each listener who engaged with the microsite also got a chance to gift a Dairy Milk Silk to their loved one, thus completing the purchase cycle. 

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In addition to encouraging numbers, the campaign witnessed positive chatter and brand sentiment. :

With the campaign, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk and Spotify managed to weave in the brand ideology of ‘Saying It With Silk’ into an audio experiential campaign that the GenZ and millennials connected with. 

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